“Lozova Machinery” presented the achievements of Ukrainian agricultural machinery at AGRITECHNIСA-2017 (Hannover, Germany)

“Lozova Machinery” presented the achievements of Ukrainian agricultural machinery at AGRITECHNIСA-2017 (Hannover, Germany)


“Lozova Machinery” became the only Ukrainian company that represented the achievements of Ukrainian agricultural machinery in the segment of soil-cultivating and sowing equipment at the world’s largest International Agro-Industrial Exhibition AGRITECHNICA-2017 (Hannover, Germany, November 12-18).

Compared with the previous exhibition this year, the exposition of “Lozova Machinery” increased almost 10 times and was 200 sq.m. The products managed to surprise European farmers with innovations and novelties of the world agricultural machinery.


“Lozova Machinery” strengthened its positions in the European market due to its participation in AGRITECHNIСA-2017. During the event, a number of negotiations with potential customers and partners of the company were held. The result of the meetings was the signing of 10 dealership agreements with the world’s largest companies, agreements on the prospects for cooperation with representatives of the European Union and South America - Germany, France, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as Ireland and Sweden were reached.


“This is a success and a fundamental investment in the brand’s future,” summarizes Roman Girshfeld, UPEC IG Vice-President for Marketing and Sales. – “Lozova Machinery” are the leader of Ukrainian agricultural machinery and continue to hold these positions. We plan to expand the range of products and we will enter the ploughs production segment cooperating with the world’s leading companies in the near future. We already have a unique experience of synergy with the British partners “Larrington Trailers”, this autumn the exhibition of two-axle trailer “ALBION-26” developed on the basis of European company was held.”

The presentation of heavy disk harrow “DUKAT-GOLD” with a working width of 8 meters and a disc diameter of 724 mm was one of the world exhibition at AGRITECHNIСA-2017. The agricultural implement which is created to work on the remains of tilled crops and has no analogues in the world, aroused great interest among European and North American farmers and dealers.

“Next year we will introduce “DUKAT-GOLD” with a working width of 6 meters and will continue to work on the creation of 4-meter heavy disk header which completely completes the series of disk harrows,” – notes Roman Girshfeld. The Vice-President also specified that this year “Lozova Machinery” started the production of heavy agricultural implements and today they also offer farmers heavy toothed harrows “Lira XL” and sweeper harrows "Lari" in the performance of 15 and 21 m.

The innovative deep tiller “Gulden” with unique properties confirmed by independent expertise of leading research institute of Ukraine supplemented the exposition. Thus, “Gulden” increases one of the most important components of soil treatment by 75% - water permeability of the soil which improves its water-air state several times and, consequently, increases crop yields.

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“We are able to meet the needs and demands of European farmers for whom quality and energy efficiency have always been and remain a priority,” – emphasizes Roman Girshfeld.

According to Roman Hirschfeld, increase in the share of exports in the total sales of “Lozova Machinery” from the existing 20%​to 35-40% will be one of the strategic tasks for 2018. “Thus, we will be able to diversify all threats and risks associated with the domestic market, and significantly increase sales volumes. By the way, for 10 months of 2017, we increased in sales volume by 20% compared to the same period in 2016,” – says Roman Girshfeld.


“In addition, more than a dozen farmers were ready to buy our units directly from the exhibition. And today, our dealers in Europe are accepting applications from farmers for the purchase of agricultural units of “Lozova Machinery” most of which are batch, i.e, the farmers order several agricultural units at once,” – says Eduard Chudopalov, director of export sales.


As a result of the exhibition, “Lozova Machinery” will significantly expand the geography of supplies. “If earlier we restricted ourselves to the domestic market, as well as the CIS countries, the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, today we have the opportunity to enter Central and South Europe, South America and Australia. Also we will start to promote and sale in the Mecca itself of the agro-industrial center of the world - Germany. Our goal is to form a commodity-producing network in Europe by establishing cooperation with several key dealers in each EU country, thus providing European farmers with quality innovative equipment and service,” – says Eduard Chudopalov.

Participation in AGRITECHNIСA is 99th event of "Lozova Machinery". Let us recall that “Lozova Machinery” set a goal to take part in 100 agrarian events - Field Days, exhibitions and demo exhibitions, in 2017. “We held the traditional own field day of “Lozova Machinery”, demo tours around the cities of Ukraine and took part in all large-scale exhibitions in Europe, CIS and Baltic countries. AGRITECHNICA-2017 has become one of the exhibitions that completes our hundreds of agrarian events,” – says Roman Girshfeld.


“A wide range of soil-cultivating machinery of “Lozova Machinery” corresponds to the level of world agricultural machinery in terms of quality, reliability and energy efficiency. These are the main criteria by which the farmers around the world make a choice in favor of “Lozova Machinery” with which MONEY REALLY WORKS!” – summarizes Roman Girshfeld.
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