"LOZOVA MACHINERY" released their first trailers "ALBION-26"

"LOZOVA MACHINERY" released their first trailers "ALBION-26"


In the second decade of October, "LOZOVA MACHINERY" produced the first universal trailers "ALBION-26" as a part of the English line. 

Two-axle dump trailer "ALBION-26" is a unified trailer of domestic production, developed on the basis of the machinery of the British company "Larrington Trailers", with which “LOZOVA MACHINERY” established business cooperation.  

The development of the new production took more than a year and a half and required significant investments aimed at acquiring modern metal-working equipment, mastering technologies and introducing the experience of the British partners. 

"We continue to put into operation a number of new technological equipment for serial manufacturing. We have already purchased additional equipment for plasma cutting; we plan to install plate-bending equipment. Almost all the departments of the company are involved in the manufacture of this unit", notes Alexei Rubchev, General Director of Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ), noting that a localization degree of the unit is over 75%, thus the equipment falls under the compensation program, including the composition of components. 


“In the near future we will submit a two-axle dump trailer “ALBION-26” for inclusion in the list of agricultural machinery, which participates in the compensation program," states Roman Girshfeld, Vice-President for Marketing and Sales of UPEC IG. "We will also deliver our other novelties - heavy disk harrow “Ducat GOLD”, heavy toothed harrow "Lira XL", sweeper harrow "Lari", rotary harrow "Dinar". "LOZOVA MACHINERY" is constantly developing, there is a constant work on updating the assortment of the agricultural machinery. The first two trailers "ALBION-26", produced by LKMZ, have already rolled off the production line. We continue to work on the creation of new models of trailers of the English line and the grain loaders. And in the near future our line of trailers will expand."  

The trailer "ALBION-26" with a capacity of 26 m³ is remarkable for its high load-carrying capacity - 20 tons. This allows to transport not only cereals, but also other agricultural products, which increases the interest of the farmers and enhances the demand for this type of equipment.  

According to Roman Girshfeld, the trailer market has grown three times this year as compared to 2016. "Accordingly, this is a very promising and export-oriented market for us. The agrarians increasingly use tractor trailers to transport grain, so as not to compact the soil. And this trailer will be a reliable solution for the agricultural complex,” continues the Vice President of Marketing and Sales. 

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The agrarians already had time to get acquainted with "ALBION-26" at international specialized exhibitions (AGRO-2017, AgroExpo-2017, etc.), where "LOZOVA MACHINERY” has exhibited its new product. There are already pre-orders as a result of the introduction. "We hope that the agrarians will appreciate the innovative design and high quality of the trailers, which in general characterize all the units of agricultural combines by “LOZOVA MACHINERY”, and LKMZ will receive large orders for serial lots," - sums up Roman Girshfeld. 

Serial production of "ALBION-26" is planned to be launched in the first quarter of 2018.
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