June 7-10 the Kharkiv Bearing Plant (HARP) presented high-quality components for agricultural machinery at the International Agro-Industrial Exhibition AGRO-2017 (Kiev).

This year the largest agricultural exhibition of Ukraine and Eastern Europe gathered more than 50 thousand visitors and 1200 participants, among them a large number of domestic manufacturers of agricultural machinery. Many of them admit that they are completing their agricultural implements with HARP bearings and assemblies.

«HARP products are the best combination of price and quality from our domestic component manufacturer», – says Sergey Galitskiy, head of the supply department at BELOTSERKOVMAZ. He says that HARP products are used to complete the soil-cultivating and forage harvesting equipment produced by the enterprise. «For the first time we preferred the HARP bearings in 2008 and since then we have not looked for the best options for components as this is not necessary», – says Sergey Galitskiy.

«Today there is a huge selection of Chinese bearings of various types, but they are not trusted», – adds Viktor Matveev, head of the technical department of BELOTSERKOVMAZ. «One batch of bearings of Chinese manufacture is of a certain quality, the next deliveries are entirely different, and more often than not they are worse. With HARP bearings we get stability. We are confident both in the quality of the products and in the bearing life, which can withstand occasional extreme impacts on the agricultural implements for the entire duration of service life».

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Within the framework of the exhibition, HARP representatives held meetings and negotiations with all the key producers of agricultural machinery of Ukraine, which show great interest in the Ukrainian component manufacturer. «Naturally that first of all representatives and experts of agricultural machinery enterprises are interested in the quality of products. In this regard, HARP bearings and assemblies meet the requirements for bearing products. They prove their reliability for years of successful operation, long-term cooperation and supplies to the conveyors of the largest agricultural machinery manufacturers in the CIS. HARP bearings are selected by the Minsk Tractor Plant and the Rostselmash, the Gomselmash and the Borisov Plant of Units, the Bobruiskagromash and the Bobruisk Tractor Parts and Units Plant, and many others,» says Natalia Akimenko, Marketing Director of UPEC Trading.

She adds that for many agricultural enterprises, an additional incentive to purchase HARP products is the Government's program for compensating farmers for part of the cost of agricultural machinery and equipment produced domestically. The fact is that only those enterprises that have (or will have) the necessary level of localization of production enter the list of domestic equipment, the value of which is partly compensated by means of the state budget.


«HARP is the only domestic producer of such components that offers quality products at an affordable price», – summarizes Natalia Akimenko.

In addition, the exhibited HARP products aroused interest among farmers, managers and specialists of farms. «Many of them note the dynamic development of the enterprise and the relevancy of diversification through product lines for imported agricultural machinery. In particular, the U series bearings (YAR, YET, and YEL equivalents) and the hull assemblies lines based on them are a worthy alternative to expensive counterparts for imported soil-cultivating, harvesting and sowing equipment», – says sales manager Valeria Akinshina.

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She underlines the consistently high interest in HUPP AGRO UNIT hub units, which are optimized not only for domestic, but also for imported agricultural machinery of leading European manufacturers such as disk harrows (Lemken, Horsch, Agrisem, Mashio Gaspargo, Great Plains, Einböck, Rabe, Quivogne , Vogel & Noot, Köckerling, Hatzenbichler), seeders (Sunflower 9000, Salford), and other farming machines.

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In addition to new products, HARP will present a high-quality line of bearing products, such as HARP AGRO radial single-row ball bearings ("millionaires"), and HARP AGRO bearings with a unique X-SHIELD higher tightness seal. «These components are in constant demand among farmers and agricultural machinery enterprises», Valeria Akinshina comments and adds that representatives of the dealer companies, owners of small specialized component stores also expressed interest in the HARP products. «We continued negotiations on cooperation after the exhibition was over», - said the sales manager

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The Kharkov Bearing Plant successfully strengthens its position in the Ukrainian market and keeps focus on meeting the needs of farmers in domestically manufactured reliable and energy efficient high-end components.

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