The Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) introduced new products in the Ukrainian market as part of participation in the AgroExpo-2017 International Specialized Exhibition (September 20-23, Kropyvnytskiy).

At the exhibition, HARP presented for the first time the new products - HARP AGRO bearings with the new X-SHIELD higher tightness sealing systems, which feature even higher leak tightness and reliability. High tightness values and complete protection against dust, dirt, rough impurities of new varieties of HARP AGRO bearings is achieved through the use of polycomplex rubber seals in combination with a metal protective washer.


This line of X-SHIELD multi-lip higher tightness seals is specially designed for use in bearings that are operated in highly and super highly polluted environments.

«We had been working on new seal designs for nearly half a year and eventually created a reliable protection system for the bearing assembly where the bearing makes no more than 500 rpm», – says Sergei Semykin, chief designer of the Ukrainian Design Bureau of Bearing Industry. – «For the effective operation of agricultural machinery, it is necessary to fully seal and protect the bearing from dust, dirt, water, as well as provide for additional protection against coarse impurities and lubricant leaks from the bearings, which new seals completely satisfy. Bearing units, complete with HARP AGRO bearings with such seals, are maintenance-free for the entire service life».

In addition, the innovative X-SHIELD seals increase HARP AGRO bearings' life-cycle by 50%, and are characterized by a wide range of operating temperatures (from -40 to + 150 ° C).

«Until recently, HARP produced only a single type of HARP AGRO bearings with an X-SHIELD seal. Today, HARP offers an entire line of X-SHIELD seals for agricultural machinery. These are six different constructional varieties of X-SHIELD seals, the application of which is defined according to the area and conditions of application in the parts and units of agricultural machinery. Thus, each manufacturer of agricultural machinery and agrarians can choose reliable bearing products according to their needs», – said Sergei Semykin.


The new HARP products with unique X-SHIELD safety-free maintenance-free higher tightness seals have provoked a high interest in the European market as early as at the design phase. The exhibition showed that the Ukrainian market is no less interested in innovative developments of HARP than the European market. Strong interest in the HARP novelties was exhibited by the dealers and heads of agricultural machinery enterprises who attended AgroExpo, as well as by agrarians. They are the final consumers of agricultural machinery and reliable advisers who create a demand in the agricultural machinery market.

In addition to the new generation of HARP AGRO bearings, HARP has presented to the exhibition visitors a number of ready-made solutions for agricultural machinery such as maintenance-free HAPP AGRO UNIT bearing blocks, and UC bearing series (YAR equivalent), ES (YET), EX (YEL) and a line of bearing-based hull assemblies. The presented range of HARP bearing products is adapted for use in soil cultivation, sowing and harvesting technology by both domestic and world leading manufacturers.


During the exhibition, the HARP representatives held successful negotiations on the supply of their products to a number of regions of Ukraine. High reliability indicators and an increased level of protection from external mechanical impact, which are so necessary in extreme operating conditions of agricultural units, continue to be the main advantages of the HARP bearing products.

«HARP responds promptly to the needs of the market and constantly expands its range and geography of supply. Innovative developments, our own unique patented solutions, the level of quality in line with the best world standards, allows the Kharkiv enterprise to remain a reliable component supplier for leading agricultural machinery manufacturers in the CIS, and actively move to new sales markets», – sums up Natalia Akimenko, UPEC-Trading marketing director.

For information:

The Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) – is a leading enterprise in the CIS in the production of bearings and bearing units for agricultural machinery, railway industry, transport engineering and automotive industry. The company's products are delivered to more than 20 countries through UPEC TRADING - the official distributor of HARP, and a network of dealers in the CIS, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Founded in 1947 in Kharkov, the company became the first in Ukraine and still remains the only domestic bearing enterprise.

The Ukrainian Design and Technology Bureau of the Bearing Industry (UDTBBI) specializes in the design of rolling bearings and is the leading design organization in Ukraine in the bearing industry In 2016, the Technical Committee "Roller Bearings" was established on the basis of the UDTBBI, whose goal is to develop national standards of Ukraine and harmonize them with international and European standards.

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