LOZOVA MACHINERY at AGRITECHNICA-2017: world premiere of innovations in agricultural machine building

LOZOVA MACHINERY at AGRITECHNICA-2017: world premiere of innovations in agricultural machine building


November 12-18, LOZOVA MACHINERY will present innovations and recent developments of the world agricultural machine building at the world's largest agri-industrial exhibition AGRITECHNICA-2017 (Hanover, Germany).

The world premiere of the heavy disc harrow DUKAT-GOLD with a horizontal grasp of 8 meters and a disc diameter of 724 mm will take place during the exhibition. The agricultural implement was created specifically to work on the remains of tilled crops and is a unique unit that has no analogues in the world.

"The company's engineers were given a task of bringing a product to the market that will not only complement the family of the series of short disc harrows Dukat, but will bypass competitors in a number of innovative technical solutions, – Roman Girshfeld, Vice-President Sales and Marketing of UPEC Industrial Group, says. – The efforts of designers were successful. We obtained a heavy disc harrow, which can be safely attributed to the category of innovative energy-efficient equipment, and AGRITECHNICA is the best platform for the world premiere of a machine of this level".

The family of short disc harrows of LOZOVA MACHINERY will be presented at the exhibition by the stubble plough Ducat-5 that provides high-quality secondary tillage with incredible energy efficiency indicators. Due to the use of maintenance-free bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT and individual spring-loaded 3D-racks, 1.5 times more productivity and saving up to 30% of fuel compared to traditional disc harrows is obtained. These characteristics are inherent in all disc harrows of the Dukat family that are presented by an extensive model range - with a horizontal grasp of 2.5 to 16.75 m.

LOZOVA MACHINERY exposition at AGRITECHNICA-2017 will be complemented by the subsoiler "Gulden", the unique properties of which are confirmed by the independent expertise of the leading research institution of Ukraine. Functional studies have shown that the subsoiler "Gulden" increases one of the most important components of soil treatment by 75% - the water permeability of the soil (the possibility of soil moisture accumulation), which at times improves the water-air state of the soil and its yield.

LOZOVA MACHINERY will present the exposition at 200 m² and will be the only Ukrainian company demonstrating the achievements of domestic agricultural machine building in the segment of soil-tilling machines at AGRITECHNICA-2017

Another significant event for the company is that the participation in the largest international exhibition will be the 99th event on the account of LOZOVA MACHINERY. Let us remind that during the year, LOZOVA MACHINERY demonstrated modern agricultural equipment at all significant events of the industry. Among them - own demonstration tours and “Field Days”, where agrarians saw with their own eyes that with LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment that provides energy-saving soil treatment with the least harmful impact on the soil and the maximum yield, MONEY REALLY WORKS!

We invite you to evaluate innovative developments and premieres of the industry at the stand of LOZOVA MACHINERY – A05 in Hall No. 12

See you at AGRITECHNICA-2017!

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