Engineering and manufacturing center “UKRELECTROMASH” (SKB) presented energy-efficient solutions for housing and utilities services at the COMMUNTEKH-2016 exhibition and became the only company in the segment of elevator motors and winches that demonstrated the products of domestic manufacturer.

At the stand of the Association of Lifters of Ukraine, the engineering and manufacturing center “UKRELECTROMASH”, in cooperation with partners, presented modern models of elevator winches and elevators with the aim to demonstrate domestic achievements in the production of energy-efficient elevators and their components.

"At the moment, the housing and utilities services sector in Ukraine urgently needs to implement programs to modernize, save energy and improve energy efficiency, including the introduction of projects for the development of domestic elevator manufacturing, which can offer effective solutions," says Natalia Akimenko, Marketing Director of the UPEC Trading, paying attention on problems in this area.

According to her opinion, currently more than 85 thousand elevators are operated in the housing stock of Ukraine, which transport more than 10 million passengers every day. The equipment of about 60% of these elevators is physically worn out, morally obsolete and requires replacement or modernization, the number of accidents in the past 10 years has increased almost 5 times. In addition, one of the biggest problems in the country's housing and utilities services sector is its high energy intensity: specific energy costs are more than 2.5 times higher than in Europe.

Developed and serially produced by the SKB "UKRELECTROMASH" products for the elevator industry is a new generation of highly efficient, economical elevator motors and winches that can be used both for the assembly of new, and for the modernization and repair of already operated elevators.

"The use of electric motors and gearless elevator winches manufactured by the SKB "UKRELECTROMASH" for the modernization of the elevator industry in Ukraine will not only save from 15% up to 25% of electricity annually, but also increase passenger comfort and safety," says Natalia Akimenko. 


Today, the entire world community is actively pursuing policy of energy saving and efficiency in the consumption of natural resources, and energy efficiency values are becoming the key features in assessing the competitiveness of any equipment.

"The introduction of energy-efficient equipment that can provide energy saving is in the interests of each of us," N. Akimenko is sure. - Today in Ukraine, unfortunately, often the main criterion for choosing elevators is its price, few people think about the cost of "ownership" of the elevator in the future, i.e. on the operational costs (costs for its maintenance), the cost of which directly depends on the energy savings that modern domestic elevators provide, thus allowing you to save money for each of their inhabitants in an apartment building."

Calculation of energy savings with the use of elevator winches manufactured by the SKB “UKRELECTROMASH” indicates that the savings for the lifetime of 1 gearless winch can reach 25 thousand UAH. Thus, the use of these winches in the entire Kharkiv elevator park (about 7200 units) is able to provide savings for the entire service life of about 180 million UAH.

Advantages of the elevator motors for gearless winches manufactured by the SKB “UKRELECTROMASH”are also high efficiency, low noise and vibration and increased service life. In each electric motor thermal relays are installed to avoid overheating of the winding and its failure during operation in various emergency situations. In addition, elevator winches manufactured by the SKB “UKRELECTROMASH” can be equipped with built-in diagnostics and protection elements, which significantly increase the level of safety of the elevator passengers movement.

Natalia Akimenko is paying attention that it is necessary to support domestic elevator manufacturing, which is now able to offer not only safety, quality and comfort, but also energy-saving technologies.

"At the moment, the Ukrainian market of elevators and elevator equipment is represented by companies that position themselves as manufacturers, in fact they are engaged in assembling of elevator equipment from components manufactured by various foreign companies: Italian, Chinese, Belarusian and others. At the same time, Ukraine has a sufficiently powerful industrial potential for the development of its own high-level elevator engineering and manufacturing, "notes Natalia Akimenko.

At the exhibition, SKB "UKRELECTROMASH" experts announced the launch of a new direction. The enterprise has begun to develop winches on permanent magnets. "This is the next generation of elevator products, which saves from 30% up to 50% of electricity compared to conventional gearless motors, and significantly reduces maintenance costs," says N. Akimenko, and adds: - All motors and winches manufactured by the SKB "UKRELECTROMASH", manufactured on the basis of advanced technologies using modern element base and materials, meet all European quality standards. They are reliable, safe and capable of providing comfort for passengers."

Engineering and manufacturing center “UKRELECTROMASH” is thankful to visitors for their attention and invites to the mutually beneficial cooperation all interested in it persons!

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