LOZOVA MACHINERY Has Successfully Completed Testing Of The Lira Xl Heavy Tooth Harrows

LOZOVA MACHINERY Has Successfully Completed Testing Of The Lira Xl Heavy Tooth Harrows

The testing took place on the basis of the educational and scientific center of the Nikolaev National Agrarian University. As a result the LIRA XL-15 and LIRA XL-21 have shown excellent results, in particular in conditions of a large number of crop residues. Specialists of one of the largest agrarian university of the country note that these are not the first units of LOZOVA MACHINERY that have passed successful tests in their fields, and they add that machines in work are not inferior to the leading foreign analogues.
The LIRA XL heavy tooth harrows with a working width of 15 and 21 meters have been tested on stubble of wheat, corn, and also were used for tilling after the autumn plowing. The working tools proved their reliability and endurance.
The new LIRA XL machines supplement the range of tooth harrows. The machines are assembled with a frame with five rows of teeth with diameter of 16 mm and height of 762, mounted on a parallelogram.
Like all the LOZOVA MACHINERY tooth harrows, LIRA XL has an increased wear resistance and a high service life of the teeth, which is three times higher compared to other manufacturers.
Among the advantages is an adjustable tooth attack angle – 45-90˚ and the ability to adjust the pressure of springs on the soil from 400 to 860 kg.


The unique machine enables 5 different operations in one pass: early spring harrowing and loosening of the surface layer to a depth of 2-10 cm, keeping the moisture; encouraging weeds germination and then killing them; leveling the surface seedbed preparation; incorporation of fertilizers and pesticides; evenly distribution of stubble residues.
The parallelogram mounting of the independent working sections keeps contact with the soil, even with uneven surface. Thus, the field contours following is better than with sections mounted on leaf springs. Agrarians obtain the soil layer with uniform thickness and reliable covering of seeds.
In addition, ropes intended for an additional rigidity of wings, in contrast to draft, can reduce the turn radius of the harrow and reduce the stresses applied to the frame. Therefore, the overall dimensions do not complicate the work of the implement. Another important factor is the convenience in operation – Lira XL is quickly unfolded from transport to working position and back.


A number of design solutions implemented in the machines significantly increase the productivity of heavy tooth harrows, which is up to 25 ha/h.
All the LOZOVA MACHINERY implements are developed taking into account the needs of Ukrainian farmers, and therefore adapted to domestic traction equipment. In particular, LIRA XL-15 is aggregated with a tractor from 160 hp., and the LIRA XL-21 – with a tractor from 300 hp.
Presentation of new machines on the Ukrainian market was held in February this year as part of the largest international exhibition Grain Tech Expo, where farmers showed great interest in innovative domestic agricultural machinery for effective farming.
In order to achieve maximum productivity, the LIRA XL can be additionally equipped with a 15/21 m coulter-harrow with sixteen rows of rhomb-shaped teeth, which will most effectively loose and level the complex top soil.
At the moment the LIRA XL-15 and LIRA XL-21 are available in two modifications, as a coulter-harrow and heavy tooth harrow, and soon they will enter mass production to meet the needs of farmers.
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