New general director at Kharkov machine tool building plant

New general director at Kharkov machine tool building plant

On February, 1, 2017, to the position of General Director of PJSC “Kharkov Machine-Tool Building Plant” (HARVERST), which is a part of the UPEC Industrial Group, is appointed Aleksandr Shtrasser. Mr. Shtrasser has changed Aleksandr Lukirich, who was General Director of the company for the last six months.

Aleksandr Shtrasser previously held executive positions in several large enterprises of Ukraine. From October, 2011 to October, 2012 he worked in the UPEC IG as Deputy Director for Economics on Cost Optimization Issues. In September, 2016 he took the post of Director for Economics of the Kharkov Machine-Tool Building Plant, since February he was appointed the General Director. Thus, Aleksandr Shtrasser continued the glorious path of his father – Georgiy Shtrasser, who previously was Acting General Director of the plant, and from November, 2013 to April, 2014 he held the post of General Director.

"According to results of 2016 HARVERST increased sales by three times and reached profitable performance indicators. In the current year, the company expects further growth in sales due to establishment of new business relations and the revival of orders in the machine tool industry, as well as machine repairs for a number of customers, and the manufacture of units and parts for agricultural machinery. In connection with the increase in production, the staff of the plant is constantly growing, new jobs are being created”, - says A. Shtrasser.


Kharkov Machine-Tool Building Plant (HARVERST, PJSC) is the manufacturer of roll and circular grinding machines, which also provides repair and modernization services.  Over the 80 years of work more than 90 thousand units of equipment have been manufactured, and many of them are unique and have been manufactured exclusively at HARVERST.

In 2001 Kharkiv Machine-Tool Building Plant became a part of the UPEC Industrial Group.
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