LKMZ has commisioned new equipment

LKMZ has commisioned new equipment

Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ) has commissioned modern technological equipment.

The V32 chiller for hardening press costing more than 2 million UAH has been installed in the workshop of small series and is designed to provide the necessary temperature regime of the cooling water during hardening of special steels for the manufacture of the armored vehicles hulls.

According to Vladimir Shapovalov, Technical Manager of Projects and Programs in the Sphere of Energy Efficiency, special design of the device allows to improve the quality of manufacturing process and the competitiveness of products.

The equipment was designed and tailored by the domestic engineering company upon the order of LKMZ, and meets the most strict and relevant production quality requirements.

At present, all installation and commissioning works have been completed. Since December 2016, the V32 chiller has been successfully commissioned.


Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ) is one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine and CIS in the production of agricultural and special-purpose equipment; transmissions, chassis, components for the road and construction, railway and road vehicles.

Manufacture of the military components has been traditional for the plant since it was launched in 1973. Today LKMZ continues to manufacture special vehicles and provide customers with modern hulls of the military armored vehicles of various modifications, as well as with wide range of components. In recent years, the plant has mastered a large number of new types of parts, components and transmissions for special vehicles.
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