Technical Standardization Committee "Rolling bearings" has been established on the basis of UKTBPP

Technical Standardization Committee "Rolling bearings" has been established on the basis of UKTBPP

On October 18, 2016 by order of the state enterprise "Ukrainian scientific-research and scientific center of standardization, certification and quality problems" there was established the Technical Committee "Rolling bearings" — TK 180, with the purpose to develop national standards of Ukraine and their harmonization with international and European standards.

The decision on establishment of the Technical Standardization Committee "Rolling bearings" (TK 180) on the basis of "Ukrainian Bearing Industry Design and Technology Bureau" (UKTBPP) has been made taken into account the huge experience and competence of the design bureau in the field of standardization, technical regulation and quality management. UKTBPP is the leading design organization in Ukraine in the bearing industry and specialized in the design of rolling bearings, development of normative documents for road and railway vehicles, agricultural machinery, defense industry and other industries.

The organizational support of the TK 180 is entrusted to its secretariat. Secretariat functions are performed by LLC UKTBPP.

"The purpose of this Committee is to implement the unified policy in the sphere of standardization, i.e. harmonization of national documents which cover activity in the bearing industry with international and European standards (ISO, EN). This will improve products quality, create a regulatory basis for the standardization system", — says Chairman of TK 180 Sergey Semykin, and adds that today about 80 regulatory documents have to be updated.

According to request of JSC “HARP" TK 180 has developed and approved the Plan of works on national standardization for 2017, which will provide development of six national standards and their harmonization with ISO and EN standards.

Adoption of the European standards will allow domestic manufacturers of bearing products, including HARP, to open the way to the world markets and increase the volume of export to the EU without hindrance. These are of course only possibilities, but — we are sure — HARP will certainly take advantage of them.
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