HARP Presented Innovative Products At The Grain Tech Expo 2017

HARP Presented Innovative Products At The Grain Tech Expo 2017

Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) has presented innovative lines of products for agricultural industry at one of the largest agro-industrial exhibitions of the country Grain Tech Expo (February 15-17, Kiev).

There were presented series of bearings and solutions specially designed for application in the agricultural industry. In particular, HARP AGRO single-row deep groove ball bearings (so-called "one million series"), HARP AGRO bearings with a unique X-SHIELD seal of increased tightness, which have a significantly longer service life and demonstrate effective work in a dusty environment, harsh operating conditions of agricultural machinery.

"Over the years of successful operation these products have earned the trust of "famous" agricultural manufacturers, such as Rostselmash, Gomselmash, Bobruiskagromash, Minsk Tractor Plant, Bobruisk Plant of Tractor Parts and Aggregates, Don Mar and many others. The bearings are very popular among the farmers of our country ", - says Marketing Director of UPEC TRADING Natalya Akimenko.


High interest of Ukrainian agrarians was paid to line of bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT. Their unique feature is a three-level protection. High performance sealing system provides absolutely reliable protection against dirt, stubble, abrasive and other types of pollution.

Their reliability has been proved by agrarians of the country, admitted the successful operation of agriculture machinery, assembled with HARP AGRO UNIT.

The head of PС "Moe Dzherelo" (Likhovka village, Dnepropetrovsk region) Aleksandr Mirgorodskiy said he pays much attention to mechanisms and components when purchasing the agricultural machinery. "When I was buying the DUCAT disc harrow, the reliability of tines and bearing units was very important for me. What can I say? I was pleased with it. We have already cultivated 2500 ha and HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units didn’t require any maintenance or additional lubricants”.


Director of the agricultural company "Bogdan and K" (Popelniki village, Ivano-Frankovsk region.) Bogdan Timofeychuk adds that he had to replace some of the HARP AGRO UNITS in disc harrows only after 5 years of successful operation at full capacity. "With about 30000 ha of the operated area there are still mounted original HARP AGRO UNITS. When I tell this my colleagues they do not believe me, - says agrarian. - These bearing units are unassailable".

Farmers are sure - HARP AGRO UNIT is a worthy alternative to expensive units.

It is important HARP AGRO UNIT can be used both in domestic and imported agricultural machinery from leading European manufacturers – disc harrows Lemken, Horsch, Agrisem, Mashio Gaspargo, Great Plains, Einböck, Rabe, Quivogne, Vogel & Noot, Köckerling, Hatzenbichler, seed drills Sunflower 9000, Salford and other agricultural equipment.


 “Original units from manufacturers of imported agriculture machinery are often integrated into the housing and non-repairable. HARP AGRO UNIT is a solid, maintenance-free but completely maintainable, i.e. with possibility of replacing bearing at any desired time without replacement of housing” – says Natalya Akimenko.

Another unified solution for application in domestic and imported tilling, seeding and harvesting machinery, which HARP presented at the exhibition, was a series of Y-type bearings – analogues ofYAR, YET, YEL and range of pillow block bearing units on the basis of these bearings.

The advantage of the HARP pillow block bearing units is possibility of replacement the bearing at any desired time without replacement of housing. Another important feature – X-SHIELD seal of the increased tightness, which provides reliable protection against dirt, dust and moisture. Durable design allows to use bearings in especially complex and difficult operating conditions.

In recent years HARP has focused on the development of new bearings and solutions for the agricultural industry, annually supplementing a series of innovative product lines.

Only in 2016 HARP has mastered 106 modifications of bearing units for imported agricultural machinery, and Y-series bearings.

Thanks to participation in national and international exhibitions, as well as training of dealers sales personnel, volume of sales in 2016 increased by 1,4 times in natural volume and 1,6 times in monetary form in comparison with 2015.

"Furthermore, in 2016 we significantly expanded the geography of sales, particularly with such countries as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Georgia, etc. The dealer network has been increased by 2,6. The plan is to not slow down", - said Natalya Akimenko.

HARP bearings – proven solution for you!


Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) is the CIS leader in manufacture of bearings for agricultural machinery, transport machinery, automotive industry, railway industry and bearings for general industrial use.
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