Upec Launches Creation Of "Smart" Machinery Based On Artificial Intelligence

Upec Launches Creation Of "Smart" Machinery Based On Artificial Intelligence

The UPEC Industrial Group announced the launch of a new project on creation of the "smart" agricultural machinery based artificial intelligence. This was reported by the company's management on October, 21 2016 in the framework of the scientific-practical conference "Smart agricultural machinery for precision agriculture", which brought together heads of leading universities and academic institutions of agrarian profile, leading domestic manufacturers of agricultural machinery and components for agricultural machinery.

"These machines will be able to significantly increase productivity, reduce energy consumption of the tractor, fuel consumption, as well as the negative impact of propulsion of the tractor and tillage on soil", - says Chief Designer of the Ukrainian Design Bureau for Transmissions and Chassis Aleksey Grynenko, adding that UPEC has sufficient experience in introduction of innovative developments.

"For example, a spring tine of the DUCT disc harrow allows to seriously reduce the required traction force of the tractor, resulting the fuel savings around 30%. When combined with the maintenance-free HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units our disc harrows can achieve extremely low operating costs with minimal maintenance and maximum performance ", - says Aleksey Grynenko.

The UPEC IG is one of the first companies which launched creation of the "smart" machinery in the segment of seeding and tillage equipment. "This is a new trend in the world of high technology, which is now suitable for all the leading manufacturers of trailed agricultural machinery" - notes A. Grynenko.

In the opinion of world known experts the process of establishment of "smart" agribusiness is a global trend. Its relevance is determined both by the problem of population growth in the world and climate change, and the need to improve the efficiency of agriculture and environmental requirements.

The introduction of these technologies can provide the necessary level of efficiency of farming and processing, efficient use of materials and fertilizers.

Another important feature of this project is the ability to take into account national specificity – a particular climate, lack of roads and other conditions.

The work on the creation of "smart" machinery will take place in the engineering centers of the UPEC in conjunction with universities-members of the "AGROTEHNIKA" cluster, leading agrarian research institutes and academies.

"Establishment of the high-tech clusters in competitive sectors is intended not only to promote the development of agricultural machinery in Ukraine, but also enable the output of domestic projects to global markets. Some of the solutions related to the "smart" machinery we plan to present already in 2017 at the largest agricultural exhibition in the world AGRITECHNICA (Germany)", – announces Vice President Sales and Marketing of the UPEC IG Roman Girshfeld.


UPEC Industrial Group is the largest Ukrainian private engineering company, which combines a number of leading engineering centers and engineering companies with more than half a century of history. The company was founded in 1995 and now develops as engineering industrial group whose activities are aimed at the introduction of innovative developments in various branches of engineering.

Ukrainian Design Bureau for Transmissions and Chassis (UKBTSh) as part of the UPEC, Industrial Group develops agricultural machines and tools for optimal agriculture, elements of transmissions and chassis. UKBTSh provides continuous development of the existing product lines and the expansion of the nomenclature.

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