Lozova Machinery Is Testing Unique Heavy Disc Harrow

Lozova Machinery Is Testing Unique Heavy Disc Harrow

The DUCAT-XL heavy disc harrow with a working width of 8 m has been tested since September, in Chernigov region. Such tools have not been represented on the Ukrainian market yet.

The DUCAT-XL is equipped with 2 rows of cutout concave discs ("daisy") with diameter of 726 mm and thickness of 6 mm, which provide intensive mixing of the soil and plant matter, and are capable to work at depth of up to 20 cm.


A special feature of this machine is a symmetrical arrangement of discs, which eliminates lateral shift of machine when working at great depth. The large diameter of discs under a load of 260 kg per disc allows to cope with any crop residues without problems, including corn.

Many years of successful operating with the DUCAT machines shows a good economic effect energy-efficient maintenance-free HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units and individual spring-loaded 3D tines provide 1,5 times higher performance and fuel savings up to 30%. The strengths of these units have been used in the development of the DUCAT-XL heavy disc harrow.


Testing of the new unit of LOZOVA MACHINERY is performed on hard compacted soils with a high content of sand. In addition, due to the long distance between fields within one farm, the machine is often transported to a long distance. In spite of this unit shows excellent results in diverse works.

First sales of the DUCAT-XL heavy disc is scheduled for 2017. 
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