Lozova Machinery Conquers A New Market – The Republic Of Uzbekistan

Lozova Machinery Conquers A New Market – The Republic Of Uzbekistan

At the UzAgroExpo-2016 exhibition (Tashkent, Uzbekistan, November 23-25) the LOZOVA MACHINERY brand was introduced by a dealer – LLC «SN INVEST» – one of the largest suppliers of agricultural machinery in Uzbekistan.

On the day before the company «SN INVEST» has received 16 pcs. of LOZOVA MACHINERY units. "As a result of participation in UzAgroExpo-2016 almost all the machines were sold to agrarians of the country, – says Sales Director for Agricultural Machinery Eduard Chudopalov. – Preliminary agreements for the purchase of DUCAT (4 pcs.) and SHILLING (2 pcs.) were signed during the exhibition.

The agrarian sector of the Republic of Uzbekistan is represented by mostly small farms. That is why tillage machines, oriented on low-power tractors of MTZ-80class are in high demand.

"We see great potential for further cooperation with SN INVEST and look forward to a regular volume shipments to Uzbekistan of the compact machines DUCAT-2,5, SHILLING-2 and others. At the moment we are negotiating with our Uzbek dealer on delivery of the next batch of the LOZOVA MACHINERY implements for all branches of SN INVEST, where our energy-efficient machines are presented', - says E. Chudopalov.
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