Successful testing of the LOZOVA MACHINERY implements has been held on the fields of the Ukrainian major agriholdings

Successful testing of the LOZOVA MACHINERY implements has been held on the fields of the Ukrainian major agriholdings

Major Ukrainian agriholdings show a heightened interest in the LOZOVA MACHINERY innovative agricultural implements and in order to get acquainted with the achievements of the domestic engineering industry perform testing of the energy efficient implements on their fields.

On October 20 a demonstration of the LOZOVA MACHINERY energy-efficient tillage equipment was held on the fields of the largest agricultural corporation in Western Ukraine – "Agroprodservis", located near Nastasov village, Ternopil region.

"On the afterharvesting field there was tested the GULDEN – a two-level subsoiler for nonmoldboard technology instead of fall plowing of stubble and mulched soil, as well as for the subsoiling of old and forage land. In short, it is a rational alternative that allows seedbed preparing in one pass”, – say representatives of "Agroprodservis".

"On the same field after the recent rains there has been tested the DUCAT-12 disc harrow, which intensively mixes the soil and crops at a depth of 14 cm. Design and location of working tools provide good seedbed preparation", – says Agricultural Machinery Sales Manager Sergey Sharban.

Preliminary conclusion on innovative machinery was given by the Chief Agronomist of "Agroprodservis" Ivan Tkach: "This machinery can be successfully used for cultivation of the field after the buckwheat, peas, wheat, barley, soybeans and sugar beets".

According to results of the detailed analysis, the "Agroprodservis" management will make decision on purchase of the LOZOVA MACHINERY implements.

On October 6-7, on the fields of the world leading agro-industrial company KERNEL, located in Krasnopavlovka urban-type settlement (Lozovaya district, Kharkiv region) there has been successfully tested the DUCAT-12 compact disc harrow.

"Despite the fact that the implement operated in conditions of high soil humidity (after the rain), the DUCAT-12 with the Case IH Steiger (550 hp) tractor provided quality incorporation of the sunflower stubble in one pass, and has cultivated about 50 ha for a short time of demonstration. The harrow operated at a depth of 10 cm, coped with the wet crop residues and small green stalks left after the harvest of sunflower, and prepared the field for winter wheat", – says Sergey Sharban.

The representatives of KERNEL were satisfied with the quality of soil cultivation and features of the implement. At the moment we are in negotiation on further cooperation

In September 2016, the LOZOVA MACHINERY energy-efficient implements have been successfully tested on fields of the leading Ukrainian grain and seed company "Agrotrade".

The DUCAT-5 compact disc harrow and the GULDEN two-level subsoiler took part in the field testing. The DUCAT-5 together with a John Deere (330 hp) tractor has continuously worked about 8-10 hours and cultivated about 40 ha at a deep of 8-12 cm. The initial state of the field was quite imperfect (furrows and ruts), and the soil was wet because of heavy downpour. The GULDEN subsoiler worked together with a John Deere (350 hp) tractor on the same background and showed good results: the 1st row of tines has cultivated the soil to a depth of 35 cm, 2nd row – to a depth of 25 cm, and totally it has cultivated about 30 ha after the soybean harrowing”, – says Sergey Sharban and concludes:

According to opinion of the local agronomists and Chief Engineer of JSC "Kolos" (Kolomak district, Kharkiv region), both implements have proven themselves very well. Agrarian experts pointed out that the GULDEN subsoiler is comparable with the Gregoire Besson disc chisel, made in France".


A victorious march of the LOZOVA MACHINERY across the fields of Ukraine continues, and the interest of agricultural holdings in the domestic innovative energy-efficient machinery increases due to a number of design features, realized in the implements.

Today, LOZOVA MACHINERY is the only Ukrainian manufacturer of the full line of disc harrows (with working width from 2,5 to 16 m). Energy efficient implements are equipped with HARP AGRO UNIT maintenance-free bearing units, and adapted for application both in import and domestic tractors. "With the innovative energy efficient solutions, implemented in the LOZOVA MACHINERY implements, they can be called truly revolutionary in the domestic agricultural engineering, capable to compete with the Western world manufacturers", – says Sergey Sharban.

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