LOZOVA MACHINERY and HARP will participate at AgroExpo 2016

LOZOVA MACHINERY and HARP will participate at AgroExpo 2016

LOZOVA MACHINERY and HARP will take part at the international agro-industrial exhibition AgroExpo 2016, which will be held from 29, September to 1, October 2016 in Kirovohrad.

Agricultural Division of the UPEC Industrial Group will demonstrate at the exhibition a wide range of modern and energy efficient agricultural machinery.

LOZOVA MACHINERY will present at AgroExpo 2016:
- ZLATNIK pneumatic seed drill – unique system in its class for tractors of 3-4 traction classes, with possible aggregation with tractors from 160 hp; works with any agricultural technology, including no-till, with capacity up to 6 ha/h;
- DUCAT-5 and DUCAT-12 disc harrows – provide high-speed stubble ploughing and quality seedbed preparation, reduce fuel consumption more than in 30%, allow to achieve in 1,5 times better performance compared to traditional disc harrows due to the applying of a spring tine and ultra-reliable maintenance-free bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT;
- GULDEN subsoiler – a reasonable alternative to the traditional technology of soil preparation allows to prepare the soil for seeding in one pass, thus to avoid at least 3 operations, typical for the traditional technology of soil preparation, which significantly saves resources;
- FRANC subsoiler – conceptually close to the most common European subsoilers; one of the most effective means to improve water-air regimes of the soil, can create high-quality mulch from crop residues;
- CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator – provides unsurpassed quality of seedbed preparation just in one pass;
- SHILLING stubble cultivator – most effective for mulching tillage system; also performs several operations in one pass;
- Harvester self-discharge trailer – joint development of the UPEC Industrial Group with one of the leading companies in the UK in the manufacturing of trailers for the needs of modern agriculture – Larrington Trailers. Harvester is two-axle dump trailer with a capacity of 23 м3 on the upgraded chassis, aggregated with tractors of 150 hp. Trailer is designed for transportation and unloading of grain, roots, silage and other freights.

The participants and guests of the event will also be able to evaluate operation of the equipment in the field. Intensive stubble cultivator SHILLING and DUCAT-5 disc harrow will take part at the demonstration, presenting the most advanced technical solutions and innovations in action.

At the stand of Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) you will be available to get acquainted with a wide range of bearings of a new generation HARP-AGRO and maintenance-free bearing units HARP Agro Unit, optimized for application in tillage equipment of domestic and leading world manufacturers.
Will be glad to see you at the exhibition among our guests!

Lozova machinery – domestic brand of tillage agricultural machinery, manufactured by Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant (LKMZ), which is a part of the UPEC Industrial Group — one of the biggest in Ukraine private companies, specialized in machine building business.
Range of manufactured equipment:
- ZLATNIK seed drill
- CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator
- LIRA hydraulic spring-tooth wide level harrow
- Units for Spreading of Plant Protecting Agents and Liquid Mineral Fertilizers — REAL
- DUCAT disc harrows
- SHILLING stubble cultivator
- THALER system carrier
- CROWN no-till unit
- FRANC subsoiler
- GULDEN subsoiler
- DINAR rotatory harrow
- POUND land roller
- Harvester self-discharge trailer (joint development of the UPEC Industrial Group with one of the leading companies in the UK in the manufacturing of trailers for the needs of modern agriculture – Larrington Trailers).

Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) is a leader in the production of bearings in the CIS countries, widely used in agricultural and transport machining building, rail industry, automotive, mining and electrical industry, mining and metallurgical complex. With Ukraine's largest park of CNC machines, the plant develops annually about 30 new bearings, including new generation.
International agro-industrial Exhibition AgroExpo is the largest in Ukraine specialized exhibition of agricultural machinery and technologies that provides an opportunity for exhibiting companies to demonstrate the full range of products for the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine. Each year the exhibition is attended by about 450 of relevant domestic and foreign companies. The number of registered targeted visitors — about 20 000 people.

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