Field Day "Lozova Machinery"

Field Day "Lozova Machinery"

On July 21, 2016 the Field Day "Lozova Machinery" was held in Krasnopavlovka village (Lozovaya district, Kharkov region), on the base of ChSP "Garant". The event aimed to demonstrate domestic energy-efficient modern agricultural machinery, as well as to realize practical tasks of the innovation and educational cluster "Agrotehnika".

Field Day brought together more than 500 participants – management of agricultural companies, regional and district associations of employers in the agricultural sector, representatives of research and educational institutions, as well as specialists of agrarian sector both in Ukraine - from Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Donetsk, Poltava and Sumy regions, and from the Baltic states and Europe - Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Estonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

The grand opening of the Field Day was attended by Member of Parliament of Ukraine Anatoliy Girshfeld, representatives of regional administrations, deputies of the regional and district councils, heads of the participating universities of “Agrotechnika” cluster.

"Application of the innovative energy-efficient agricultural machinery of domestic production will enable Ukrainian farmers to become competitive not only in the domestic but also in foreign markets, - said Anatoliy Girshfeld. - Investments in the high-tech resource-saving machinery really work. Today's event is a good example for the whole country that the domestic engineering and technology may be no worse and sometimes better than in European one. This is the path we have chosen and will overcome by consolidating efforts of the representatives of the "Agrotechnika” cluster, engineers, designers, farmers, plant workers".
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During the Field Day there was a large-scale trial demonstration of the full range of “Lozova Machinery” for guests and participants - more than 20 units have showed their work "in the field". After completing experts evaluated the efficiency of each unit, as well as quality of operations.
Vasiliy Chernomaz, Director of Lozova Forging-Mechanical Plant, noted that due to the joint work of designers, technologists, agricultural machinery has become one of the leading at LKMZ: "Every year we increase the nomenclature of agricultural machinery, improving its quality and efficiency. We produce the machinery for you and your fields".

Participants of the Field Day expressed particular interest for the new samples of "Lozova Machinery” units." There were presented new products - DUCAT disc harrow (3 m), FRANC subsoiler (2,5 m), DINAR rotary harrow (6,4 m).

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"This year we are also planning to introduce DUCAT-6 disk harrow, LIRA XL heavy tooth harrow and DUCAT XL heavy disc harrow”. Also we proceed to testing machinery for precision farming, which will combine several tillage operations and save 50% or more of the fertilizers", - said Roman Girshfeld.

Today, in the face of declining commodity prices, it is especially important application of advanced agricultural technologies and effective use of available resources. "It's not just saving fuel and fertilizers – it is a new approach which will determine the main directions of agricultural machinery in the future. Presentation of these technologies will be held at the next meeting of "Agrotehnika" cluster members in October this year ", - says Roman Girshfeld.

With the advanced technical solutions and innovative approaches, "Lozova Machinery" is favorably distinct in energy efficiency, best tillage practices and reliability.

"Due to the spring tine and superreliable maintenance-free bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT, DUCAT disc harrows provide high-speed stubbling and high-quality seedbed preparation, which allows to reduce fuel consumption by more than 30% and to reach the performance in 1,5 times bigger than traditional disc harrows", - says Roman Girshfeld.

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During the field demonstration all machines received good feedback from participants. Some of them expressed their intention to purchase "Lozova Machinery" implements.

Much interest in the "Lozova Machinery" implements showed the guests from the Baltic states and Europe. Thus, Commercial Director of one of the agricultural companies of Lithuania Dayres Novikov, who arrived at the Field Day together with customers, notes that "Lozova Machinery" is not inferior to the world and European brands. Foreign agricultural experts expressed an interest to the range of DUCAT disk harrows as they have shown an excellent tillage results and technical parameters.

In turn, Ukrainian agrarians noted that the uniqueness of this event is that at the Field Day there are presented achievements of the domestic agricultural machinery building, and implements are maximally adapted to the needs of Ukrainian farmers.
At the end of the event Vitaliy Orlov, Head of ChSP "Garant", Chairman of Farmers Association of Lozovaya district, thanked the participants for the fact that during the hot period of harvesting they could find time to visit the Field Day "Lozova Machinery", and the organizers - for their trust to ChSP "Garant" which has become a platform for such a big event.
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At the end of the official part of the Field Day there was held a lottery. The lucky winner received an intensive stubble cultivator SHILLING-3.
"Field Day "Lozova Machinery" is an opportunity to demonstrate to farmers the innovative technology and time-tested solutions that can increase the profitability of agriculture and to show that the money - REALLY WORKS!", - summed up Roman Girshfeld.

At the same time Field Day "Lozova Machinery" is one of the largest agro-industrial sites for the exchange of experiences and interaction between members of educational innovation cluster "Agritechnika» and agribusiness enterprises.

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