UPEC Industrial Group at AGRO-2016

UPEC Industrial Group at AGRO-2016


At the largest international exhibition in Eastern Europe AGRO-2016 (Kiev, 8-11 June), Agricultural Division of the UPEC Industrial Group presented modern energy efficient domestic agricultural equipment LOZOVA MACHINERY, and Automotive Division presented HARP bearings of the new generation.

Exposition of LOZOVA MACHINERY was presented with headline of agricultural implements – DUCAT disc harrows in two versions – DUCAT-5 and DUCAT-12. A number of competitive advantages make this product line as top one due to engineering solutions and consumer properties.

"DUCAT disc harrows provide high-speed stubbling and quality seedbed preparation. At the same time they can reduce fuel consumption more than in 30%, and also achieve in 1.5 times better performance compared to traditional disc harrows due to the application of spring tine and ultra-reliable maintenance-free bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT," said Vice-President Sales and Marketing of the UPEC Industrial group Roman Girshfeld.

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Also on the stand there were presented CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator, which provides the best possible seedbed preparation just in one pass; FRANC and GULDEN subsoilers (application of these implements guarantees destruction of any plow pan); new implement in the lineup of LOZOVA MACHINERY – Harvester self-discharge trailer. This is a joint development of the UPEC IG with one of the leading companies in the United Kingdom in the manufacturing of trailers for the needs of modern agriculture.

In the frames of the event Vice President Sales and Marketing of the UPEC Industrial Group Roman Girshfeld announced new implements, which are planned to be presented to the market in the nearest future and also invited everyone to the LOZOVA MACHINERY Day of Field.

"We are going to expand the line of disc harrows, presenting new products – DUCAT-3 and DUCAT-6, to expand the range of cultivators, as well as to present heavy tooth harrow, – said Roman Girshfeld. – Furthermore, we are beginning to test the range of equipment for precision farming, that allows to combine several processing operations of the soil and to save 50% or more of today's fertilizers."
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LOZOVA MACHINERY implements successfully compete with to the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery by the technical level. While with some parameters they surpass foreign analogues, as they are created taken into account special characteristics of agricultural operation on our land and for Ukrainian farmers.

Due to their reliability, durability, proved with successful examples of operation, today LOZOVA MACHINERY implements are successfully sold not only in Ukraine but also in Europe and in the CIS.
"We cooperate with more than 30 foreign dealers. Our sales and number of dealers are constantly growing thanks to the successful demonstration of innovative implements at the exhibitions and Days of field," said Roman Girshfeld.
This year LOZOVA MACHINERY implements have been represented in almost all the important events of the agricultural sector in Europe. On July 21, UPEC plans to conduct its own large-scale LOZOVA MACHINERY Day of field, which has been already become a good yearly tradition.

Today, in conditions of decreasing commodity prices, it is very important to use an advanced agricultural technologies and effective using of available resources. One of such solutions is the energy-efficient and modern LOZOVA MACHINERY.

"We can see the growing demand for our implements. Sales of LOZOVA MACHINERY implements for 5 months of 2016 increased by 2 times compared to the same period of 2015 in the domestic market, and increased by 4 times - to the markets of Eastern Europe and the Baltic states. The company's plan is to increase sales figures up to more than 300 mln. UAH by the end of the year "- said Roman Girshfeld.

Besides agricultural machinery UPEC has presented at the exhibition a wide range of new generation bearings HARP-AGRO and maintenance-free bearing units HARP AGRO UNIT, optimized for application in tractors, combines, tillage and sowing implements of domestic and foreign leading manufacturers.

The Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) bearings are effective in most dusty environments and severe application conditions, don’t require any maintenance and have a longer service life due to the application of innovative patented seals, lubricants and technologies.
HARP plans to actively expand the range of bearings for imported agricultural machinery and to offer complete solutions that meet the highest standards of world agricultural machine building", - noted Roman Girshfeld.

As a result of participation in the exhibition the hundreds of farmers, as well as dozens of large dealers took an interest in energy efficient LOZOVA MACHINERY implements, as well as in innovative bearings and bearing units.

In general, the UPEC IG highly appreciated the results of the exhibition AGRO-2016.

"Our participation in the AGRO-2016 is an opportunity to demonstrate to farmers the innovative technology and time-proven solutions which can increase the profitability of agriculture and to show that the MONEY REALLY WORKS!" - summed Roman Girshfeld.

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