Performance survey of the LOZOVA MACHINERY units: results, part II

Performance survey of the LOZOVA MACHINERY units: results, part II


Last month LOZOVA MACHINERY summed up the results of the first stage of research on the efficiency of tillage units. Today, we demonstrate the results of the second stage: work of four different implements in the first stubble soil cultivation on the sunflower stubble.

As a reminder, the units, designed for surface, shallow tillage with simultaneous crushing of the soil, cutting the root system of weeds and crop residues, their partial embedding and mulching of the field surface, were employed in the field tests:

- chopping rotary cutter DUCAT RST-6 with rotor blade tool;

- vertical tillage harrow Verti-till DUCAT UVT-6 with turbo disc;

- compact disc harrow DUCAT-2.5 with variable disc;

- heavy tine harrow LIRA XL-21 (weeder). 

The height of the sunflower stubble was 181.7 cm, the weight of plant residues was 1268.6 g/m². Soil moisture is 7.0 to 8.6%, hardness is 0.44 to 2.68 MPa. Overall, the test conditions were very complicated. The performance was assessed according to the following criteria: ridgeiness of the bottom, soil crumbling, content of agronomically valuable aggregates, preparation of residues for decomposition and mulching, efficiency of stubble and weed cutting.

The work of all four implements differs in both barley and sunflower. Therefore, in order to choose the most effective machinery, you need to understand the purposes of its use.


According to the test results, DUCAT RST with the rotor blade tool for sunflower was the most effective with a visually beautiful tillage. The unit provided almost one hundred percent cutting of stubble and weeds, 70% mulching of the surface with cut residues. The equipment showed the best results in splitting of stems.

Розщеплення стебел.png Дукат RST.jpg

Compact disc harrow DUCAT-2,5 is the best in weed and stubble cutting, as well as in embedding them in the soil. This speaks of the high-quality work of the variable discs. The harrow also performs chopping, splitting and mulching of the residues well, but in terms of performance it is slightly inferior to the rotary cutter and vertical tillage unit.  

Дукат-2,5.jpg Підрізання стерні.png

The most efficient tillage tool for mulching is DUCAT UVT-6 Verti-till. The turbo disc mulched more than 80% of the chopped and split sunflower crop residues.

Мульчування.png 20210915_180255.jpg

LIRA XL-21 spring-tine harrow does not cut stubble, and thanks to the heavy frame and tine implements, it cleans out stubble residues and weeds at an average level. This suggests that the unit is not entirely suitable for stubble tillage of a field with a high stubble of large-stalk crops, but it allows for medium-quality tillage with maximum performance.


The lumpiness of the upper soil layer determines the resistance of the soil to wind erosion and the ability to carry out the subsequent processing. Field study has shown that all tillage implements provide the required parameters of the soil structure and ridgeness of its bottom.


Based on the study results, the experts gave their recommendations on the most effective use of tools in the first tillage after sunflower harvesting.

1. DUCAT RST-6 is suitable for minimal tillage with cutting the root system of stubble and weeds without removing it, crushing large diameter lumps and levelling the surface; splitting and mulching of the soil surface with crushed plant residues of large-stem crops.

2. DUCAT UVT-6 Verti-till is the choice for shallow stubble tillage, splitting and mulching the soil surface with chopped plant residues in order to retain moisture and provoke fallen seed germination.

3. DUCAT-2.5 is suitable for minimal soil tillage with effective cutting, chopping and embedding of plant residues into the soil, provoking the germination of fallen seeds, enriching the soil with organic matter.

4. LIRA XL-21 is suitable for surface treatment of the topsoil to a depth of 6 cm in order to provoke uniform germination of fallen seeds; distribution of crop residues over the field.


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