What the best sales department looks like according to LOZOVA MACHINERY

What the best sales department looks like according to LOZOVA MACHINERY

Our team

The success of LOZOVA MACHINERY is based on a large and hardworking team of designers, engineers, mechanical engineers, technicians, managers and many other employees. We always write about the brand’s products, energy efficient and highly productive tillage machines. But LOZOVA MACHINERY employees are no less productive! 


Today we want to introduce you to those people who represent the company on the Ukrainian and world markets. This is a professional and friendly sales team, whose work is personally coordinated by President of the company Roman Girshfeld. It was he who gathered people of different spirit into a single team and created an effective structure of the department. “We produce machines which make the life of a farmer more comfortable and wealthy,” – this is the principle our leader is guided by, when creating and developing LOZOVA MACHINERY.           


Anna Datsenko is the most organized and dutiful Director of the department. In addition to her main work, she controls the corporate leisure of the team, organizing communication outside office hours: sporting events, master classes or celebrations of important events.     

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Marketing direction lies within the responsibilities of Marketing Creative Director Olha Babkova. She can patiently explain the chosen tools for a marketing company, justify the budget and persuade her bosses to plunge into new ideas and adventures.     

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Maryna Liapina knows everything about the Ukrainian market of agricultural machinery, as well as about the needs of our farmers (Director of the Ukraine Department). 


As Maryna herself says, working in agro is a way of life, a drive. Do you think she sits in an office and gives instructions to managers? No! LOZOVA MACHINERY Sales Director meets with farmers and dealers in the field or at exhibitions. She is always where there is the company’s equipment testing or demonstration. Zynovii Tarhonskyi and Inna Shcherbak also work in the Ukrainian direction.


One can immediately recognize the manager of our sales department, who is a friendly bright person with a telephone receiver (and sometimes with two). But what helps them make such big sales is iron-clad confidence in LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage machines. 


Tetiana Karachentseva is responsible for the smooth operation of the office, coordination of “everything and everyone”. She builds productive interaction between all parts of the vast “world of LOZOVA MACHINERY”. Resolve issues between the client and the accounting department? Manufactures and customs? The logistics department and managers? – For Tetiana, it’s easy and fast.


The European direction is being developed by Aliona Nikiforuk. Among her main qualities are positive attitude and resistance to stress. Aliona always keeps abreast and responds promptly to changes in world market trends in order to offer farmers the best tillage equipment for different soil and climatic conditions.


Oleksiy Belenko is the head of the sales department for CIS countries. He fully ensures the fulfillment of the company’s obligations to the client: consultation and sales, transportation and commissioning, and, of course, further service.


All LOZOVA MACHINERY specialists focus their efforts on solving the client’s problem. They advise as experts, offering the most effective product in each specific case. And in private, our employees are very pleased when satisfied customers call to share their successful experience in using our production technology.

Of course, we talked about only a small part of our wonderful employees – there are also lawyers and logisticians, accountants and drivers, designers and service engineers and many, many others! But if we write about all of them, we will end up with a huge article that will be inconvenient for you to read, so, we’ll tell you about everyone in order.

For example, the service department of LOZOVA MACHINERY, which is headed by Oleksandr Shepel, is closely connected with the sales department, but we will talk about this direction next time.


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