DUCAT-4 in the Baltics

DUCAT-4 in the Baltics


On September 23-25, ​​LOZOVA MACHINERY were presented in Lithuania at the agricultural exhibition “Ka pasesi 2021”.

The brand’s official distributor, UAB «GALUOTAS», introduced the DUCAT short disc harrow with a working width of 4 meters to the farmers.

The units are characterized by efficiency and high productivity. It is the optimal unit for small Baltic fields with stony and waterlogged soils. The disc harrow performs smoothly and without clogging, even on difficult terrain.

As the Lithuanian representatives of LOZOVA MACHINERY noted, the demand for Ukrainian disc harrows is growing, and the company is gaining more and more weight in the Baltic market. The robustness of the unit structures, the ability to perform in difficult conditions, unattended units and, of course, high-quality tillage are the key components of the growing popularity.

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