LOZOVA MACHINERY at the AGRO SHOW-2021 agricultural exhibition

LOZOVA MACHINERY at the AGRO SHOW-2021 agricultural exhibition


On September 23-26, LOZOVA MACHINERY (Ukraine) was presented at one of the largest international agricultural exhibitions in Europe, AGRO SHOW-2021 (Bednary, Poland).

A reliable partner and a successful dealer company, PHU KOWALSKI, demonstrated the DUCAT disc harrow with a working width of 6 m to the farmers.

The unit is powerful and efficient. The disc harrow intensively mixes the soil and crop mass, crushes, evenly distributes the straw, and provides ideal seedbed preparation even in difficult operating conditions.


The unit tools aroused high interest of the visitors. The discs can withstand a load of about 100 kg. What pleased the farmers no less was the self-cleaning of the discs during operation, which allows to operate them on very wet soil without clogging, as well as the bearing assembly with a cassette seal, which does not require maintenance during its entire service life.


The booth was also visited by regular customers who have been using DUCAT disc harrows for a long time. They noted another important benefit: 30% savings of fuel and by 1.5 times more productivity compared to conventional harrows. They also confirmed that the unit operates at high speeds (up to 20 km/h) without clogging.


We are delighted that we were able to once again present the best tillage solutions to the European farmers. The exhibition once again confirmed that the farmers are familiar with the Ukrainian brand and actively use LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment in the fields of Europe. Thank you all for your trust! 

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