New direction of LOZOVA MACHINERY

New direction of LOZOVA MACHINERY


LOZOVA MACHINERY presents a new direction, SOVEREIGN liquid fertilizer injection units.

LOZOVA MACHINERY aims to increase the profitability of the farmers using highly efficient machinery. Therefore, the brand enters a new market segment, and introduces a top-end unit for optimizing plant nutrition. 


The essence of SOVEREIGN operation is injection fertilization, the introduction of liquid fertilizers directly into the root zone of plants to a depth of 5-6 cm.

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The SOVEREIGN line includes the units with working widths of 12m, 15m, 18m and a maximum of 21m! LOZOVA MACHINERY is the only company that has developed a unit with this working width. Moreover, in the transport position, it fits into the dimensions of 3x4 meters only! 

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“The special injection wheels are made of stainless steel and are equipped with 12 applicators. Tungsten carbide stainless steel and special hardening contributes to minimal wear on the injection needles.     


The robust frame provides reliable needle penetration in a variety of soils and soil cultivation methods. The injection of the mixture occurs when the spoke is buried through the side hole under pressure. 

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The wheels follow the topography of the field, which ensures an even distribution of fertilizers to the required depth over the entire area. I would like to note one more advantage: SOVEREIGN allows you to differentiate fertilization with automatic locking of lines when overlapping,” says Chief Designer Aleksey Grinenko, mentioning the innovative design. 

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Main technical characteristics:

·         tank volume: 10 m3;

·         distance between tools: 250 mm;

·         rate of injection of working solution: up to 1,000 L/ha.

Thanks to using the SOVEREIGN unit, the plants develop better root systems. The injection of fertilizers to the depth of the root layer helps to strengthen and develop the root system in the lower layers of the soil, rather at the surface. Strong roots provide better drought tolerance and plant nutrition.

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An important advantage of the unit is also the uniformity and adherence to injection rates. This fertilizing method eliminates the effect of wind on the injection accuracy. Plant residues do not interfere with fertilizer penetration into the soil and do not take up some part of the nitrogen.

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High level of SOVEREIGN unit profitability is achieved by fewer passes and no evaporation losses. The efficiency of the injected fertilizers also increases due to their more prolonged action. The result is significant savings in fertilizer costs compared to shallow fertilization.  

Let's summarize: the undeniable advantages of injection fertilization with the SOVEREIGN unit.

1.      When using SOVEREIGN, liquid fertilizers easily reach the roots and enhance the growth of the root system.

2.      SOVEREIGN is compatible with various types of fertilizers and active substances.

3.      Using SOVEREIGN, you get rid of the rush in the timing of fertilization, the injection fertilizer units have an extended period for fertilization.

4.      Compared to traditional sprayers and fertilizers, SOVEREIGN gives better fertilization results in drought conditions.

5.      Significantly less loss of active ingredient in comparison with surface fertilization, which makes it possible to reduce the rate of used fertilizer.

6.      Possibility of injecting the exact amount of fertilizer at high doses.

7.      Reduced production costs for storage, delivery to the field, refuelling.

8.      Prolonged action due to the formation of a capsule that gradually releases nutrients. 

We remind, that the introduction of the new unit took place on August 5 at LOZOVA MACHINERY FIELD DAY-2021. 


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