Quality of HARP products

Quality of HARP products


One of the main values of the Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) is the trust of customers. When it comes to the fact that the products pass strict quality control - it's all not just hollow words. Inspection of HARP bearings includes monitoring, testing and research of more than 50 parameters and characteristics of bearing parts and assembled bearings (including bench tests).

Bearing quality starts with the selection, evaluation and approval of reliable suppliers of main materials.  Rings and rolling elements (balls and rollers) of bearings are made of high-quality wear-resistant bearing steel with increased strength and elasticity. 


All metal products coming to the plant are subject to incoming inspection, which includes a study of the macrostructure, hardness and chemical composition of the metal, conducted at the HARP Testing Center accredited by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine.

Inspection of products is carried out by production personnel and employees of the Quality Control Department during all technological operations according to the parameters, in volumes and with the frequency established by the technological documentation. Extraordinary inspection is carried out in case of changes in the production process — replacement of tooling, tools, equipment adjustment, etc.

Quality control at HARP is so thorough that even minor changes are recorded: for example, when adjusting equipment from one type of product to another, as well as at the beginning and at the end of each shift, product inspection is carried out with filling in the Chart of the first adjustment batch and the Every-shift chart of the first three and the last part. Charts and inspected parts are kept at the workplaces until the start of the next shift and the next equipment adjustment.

After the heat treatment of bearing parts, a complex of operations is carried out to inspect and research the quality of products, including, in addition to geometric parameters, checking for the absence of cracks and hardness, analysis of microstructure, the level of residual austenite, the size of the decarbonized layer, microporosity, the absence of troostite spots. 


Detection of surface defects of bearing parts is carried out on the magnetic-particle and eddy current flaw detectors.

After completion of all operations, the controllers of QC Department once again carry out 100% control of the bearing parts and assembled bearings. Each batch of bearings for rolling stock undergoes additional acceptance by the inspector of the Technical Audit Center of JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" (Ukrainian Railways). 


As a result, HARP bearings meet all the requirements of the state Ukrainian standards (DSTU), interstate standards (GOST) and European standards (EN). It should be noted that in order to ensure the compliance of bearings for railway axleboxes with the requirements established in the European Union, HARP has purchased state-of-art equipment, in particular an ultrasonic device, viscometer, thermostat, vacuum drying cabinet, differential scanning colorimeter, eddy current device for inspection of rollers, which allowed inspection, testing and research of bearing parts, including polyamide cages, in accordance with the methods established in the European Union. 

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Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) established at the plant ensures stable quality of production process in controlled conditions. 


Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP) is aimed at continuous improvement of quality and meeting the needs and expectations of customers. Correct and effective organization of all stages of production of high-quality bearing products allowed the company to become a supplier of large international companies.

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