LOZOVA MACHINERY launched a new product on the market

LOZOVA MACHINERY launched a new product on the market


LOZOVA MACHINERY have expanded the range of soil cultivation equipment with semi-mounted IMPERIAL reversible plows with a maximum number of pairs of bodies 7 + 1.

It is worth reminding that the premiere of the novelty took place on August 5 at LOZOVA MACHINERY FIELD DAY-2021, where visitors could get acquainted with the operation of the unit in operation.

“The plow developed at LOZOVA MACHINERY INNOVATION CENTER has been tested for two years,” said Roman Girshfeld, the President of the company. - And not only tested, but also constantly improved in order to present you with a finished, verified product "

A little more detail about the advantages, design and technical features.

The IMPERIAL plow is designed for plowing the soil for grain and industrial crops. The plowing depth is 20-35 cm, and the recommended speed is 10 km / h. The plow is aggregated with tractors with a power of 300 hp.


Durability and long-term operation are ensured by a reliable construction made of high quality materials.

Explaining the principle of operation of the equipment, Alexey Grinenko, the chief designer, noted the increased accuracy of the revolving mechanism.

“The plow can be rotated 180° with two telescopic cylinders. At the same time, the hydraulic system does not need too much pressure. And the exact adjustment of the angle of inclination is carried out using adjustable screws separately for each side. Among the design advantages, it is worth mentioning that both the angle of inclination and the width of the blade are adjustable. Therefore, the working width of the 8-furrow plow is 2.64-4 m, and the transport width is 1.8 m,” he added.


The IMPERIAL plow is equipped with special screw blades with an increased resource, which are designed to work with different soil structures, including sticky, very heavy with high moisture.


A distinctive feature of the novelty is the plowshares, which are made of hardened steel using a unique heat treatment. Thanks to this technical trick, the front surface becomes extremely hard, while the rear remains less firm. “As a result, the working surfaces work evenly, which contributes to an increase in their useful life,” explains the chief designer. - As for the large and support wheel, its dimensions, by the way, 400/70-R20, it reduces the pressure on the ground. And thanks to the lateral arrangement, the load on the frame is reduced, as well as the distance between the tractor wheels and the plow wheels. This also allowed us to achieve good maneuverability of the entire machine when turning. "

The novelty of LOZOVA MASHINERY will go into serial production this fall.

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