LOZOVA MACHINERY increases efficiency with liquid fertilizer applicators

LOZOVA MACHINERY increases efficiency with liquid fertilizer applicators

Farming solutions

Today, the Ukrainian market of agricultural equipment requires manufacturers of multitasking equipment, which will speed up, simplify, improve the work of farmers and, in general, increase the profitability of the agricultural business.

LOZOVA MACHINERY actively analyzes, researches global and domestic trends in the agro-industrial complex in order to best meet the needs of customers. The key to a good harvest is competent and timely fertilization of the soil and feeding of plants. To make field work as efficient as possible, LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment can be equipped with additional modules, in particular, HF Agro applicators for applying liquid fertilizers.


Almost any type of equipment can be equipped with HF Agro applicators: disc, tooth and rotary harrows, various cultivators, subsoilers and seeders. As an example, inter-row cultivation SANTIM. The machine works wonderfully on very wet soil without sticking, easily coping with row spacing of row crops and vegetables from 30 to 75 cm.

Completing the cultivator with an applicator makes it possible to purposefully and accurately apply liquid fertilizers directly to the seedbed or to another zone of its effective action simultaneously with inter-row cultivation and weed control. The system outlets supply liquid near the plant root, which is supplied under pressure through nozzles with a hole with a diameter of 0.6 mm to 2.5 mm. Tank volume up to 1000 liters. You can choose from a system with automatic or semi-automatic control. An optional outflow control is also available for each line.


According to experts, this decision is very important during a drought period, when plants need additional feeding more than ever. Especially efficiently and quickly liquid fertilizers are assimilated at the moment of inter-row loosening of the soil, when air is available to the root system of plants.

Unforeseen weather and climatic conditions require the farmer to make quick and thoughtful decisions in advance. It's kind of a strategy. By expanding the functionality of their equipment, LOZOVA MACHINERY increase the efficiency of farms and make it easier for farmers to conduct an agricultural business.

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