LOZOVA MACHINERY demonstrated equipment in the field at "UCAB Agrotechnology"

LOZOVA MACHINERY demonstrated equipment in the field at "UCAB Agrotechnology"


LOZOVA MACHINERY presented advanced agricultural technologies at a large-scale field demonstration "UCAB Agrotechnology 2021" on July 28. The event was attended by over 2,000 guests: farmers, industry specialists and representatives of agricultural holdings.

DUCAT-8 disc harrow and FRANC-3 subsoiler have shown their effectiveness at work.

“LOZOVA MACHINERY presents the DUCAT disc harrow with a working width of 8 meters and a disc diameter of 566 mm. This is a versatile unit that can operate to a depth of 3 to 14 cm. Even in difficult conditions, it provides intensive and homogeneous mixing of organic matter, allowing to significantly reduce moisture loss from evaporation,"- Alexey Grinenko, the chief designer, began the presentation of the equipment.


LOZOVA MACHINERY implements its proprietary concept in DUCAT-8 - ZERO MAINTENANCE. The units do not have a single lubrication point and the harrow does not require maintenance throughout the entire operating cycle.

FRANC-3 subsoiler started to work after the disc harrow.

“The undeniable advantage of the FRANC subsoiler with a working width of 3 meters is its powerful working bodies and straight tines, which are protected from wear by means of the HARD-SHELL quick-change tips. After the passage, we see destroyed compacted soil layers, and about 60% of plant residues remained on the surface. This processing technology protects the soil from erosion and improves the water-air balance,” the chief designer comments on the work of the equipment.


After the demonstration, a dedicated team of experts evaluates the performance of each unit according to technical specifications and production tasks. Surrounded by global competitors, LOZOVA MACHINERY successfully presented its effective units, which not only process the soil with high quality, but also make a profit.


Marina Romancha, Sales Director of LOZOVA MACHINERY, summed up that the event became a good platform for negotiations with key clients. “We discussed the news of the agricultural industry with partners and agreed on plans for the development of the client base. Our equipment stands out positively among the variety of products on the market, we strictly adhere to warranty obligations and logistics conditions, focus on high-quality service, work on a joint marketing strategy, so the companies are interested in partnership with LOZOVA MACHINERY,” she added.


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