LOZOVA MACHINERY will demonstrate equipment in the field at "UCAB Agrotechnology"

LOZOVA MACHINERY will demonstrate equipment in the field at "UCAB Agrotechnology"


Meet LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment at the agricultural event "UCAB Agrotechnology 2021. CENTER" on July 28. The event will take place in the village of Velikaya Aleksandrovka, Boryspil district, Kiev region.

The company will demonstrate DUCAT-8 compact disc harrow and the FRANC-3 subsoiler.

DUCAT disc harrows are the solution to all problems in stubble cultivation. These machines provide maximum tillage quality at a very high speed (over 20 km / h). The concept "ZERO MAINTENANCE" is fully implemented in DUCAT-8 disc harrow. The unit has no lubrication points (including the hinge joints of the hydraulic cylinders) and does not require maintenance throughout its entire service life.

The FRANC subsoiler is designed for soil cultivation without soil overturning to a depth of 45 cm. At the same time, up to 60% of plant residues remain on the surface, which solves the problem of soil erosion. The working bodies of the unit are protected from wear by HARD-SHELL carbide tips.

Both the DUCAT disc harrow and the FRANC subsoiler can be equipped with the HF Agro fertilization system, which makes it possible to apply granular fertilizers simultaneously with the main processing.

LOZOVA MACHINERY are in constant development and are ready to demonstrate their achievements to you. We will be glad to see you at the field show of "UCAB Agrotechnology"!


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