LOZOVA MACHINERY conquered Ukrainian fields: everything about demonstration shows

LOZOVA MACHINERY conquered Ukrainian fields: everything about demonstration shows

Drmo show

The first half of the year, LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment spent in the field. The company demonstrated the strength and quality of its equipment to farmers. In order to best familiarize farmers with the advantages of technology, dealers organized a large demo tour throughout Ukraine.

The show was attended by 14 LOZOVA MACHINERY units, including DUCAT disc harrows, DINAR rotary harrows, LARI heavy tooth drag harrows, LIRA spring tooth harrows and a SPRAYMARC sprayer. The field route included 11 regions: Kiev, Dnepropetrovsk, Zhytomyr, Poltava, Kharkov, Kirovograd, Donetsk, Zaporozhye, Kherson, Lugansk.

DUCAT disc harrows are relevant not only in summer and autumn. They are also very effective for spring work. Disk harrows with working width of 2.5, 4 and 8 meters showed excellent seedbed preparation during the demonstration.

In addition, the units work perfectly with any agricultural background, copying and repeating the field relief.


“The equipment is excellent! A loosened finely lumpy layer which is necessary for a productive work is created as a result of high-quality performance of operations, ”noted Andrey Potapov (Poltava).

The farmers showed great interest in the work of the LARI heavy tooth drag harrows, which were presented in all working widths (7, 12, 15, 18 and 21 meters). Farmers especially highlighted that LARI allows to close the moisture and creates a perfectly level field for sowing, working the same time in all weather conditions.

+ЛАРИ 12 Полтава.png

+ЛАРИ Запорожье.png

“The harrow has perfectly leveled the wet field. No soil sticks to the teeth. I am very pleased with the work. We are waiting for a good harvest”, - Alexander Matyushenko (Zaporozhye) described the work of the LARI heavy tooth drag harrow.

The demonstration of DINAR rotary harrows with working widths of 6 and 12 meters was equally successful. For example, the demonstration of a six-meter unit in the Zhytomyr region ended with the purchase and prompt commissioning. The equipment worked perfectly: precise inter-row cultivation of grain, tilled and vegetable crops, destruction of the soil crust, saturation of the soil with oxygen, combing out weeds at the stage of the white thread.

+Динар-12,8 Днепр.png

Zaporozhye farmers liked the ultra-precise trailed sprayer SPRAYMARC-3000. The Ukrainian market is familiar with it not so long ago, but farmers have already managed to fall in love with the unit. During the demonstration, the farmers were pleasantly surprised by sprayer’s speed, maneuverability, stabilization and ease of use.

The classics of LOZOVA MACHINERY units - LIRA, LIRA XL, LIRA XS tooth harrows, have successfully conquered the eastern and western regions due to their multifunctionality, unpretentiousness and ease of use. The units did an excellent job on uneven fields with slopes which are typical for the area.

+Лира Донецк.png

"Great job! It is exactly what we need for the destruction of the surface crust! And ir combs out the weed”, - Yuriy Zagoruiko (Mykolaiv region) shared his impressions about the LIRA tooth harrow.

LOZOVA MACHINERY is not a newcomer to the market. The company knows how it is important to have trust of partners and consumers. The company will continue to conduct demo tours together with dealers and demonstrate the best solutions for energy-efficient tillage.

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