Successful demonstration of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment at UCAB Agrotechnology. STEP"

Successful demonstration  of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment at UCAB Agrotechnology. STEP"


LOZOVA MACHINERY successfully demonstrated tillage equipment at the first regional event “UCAB Agrotechnology. STEP "(Alexandria, Kirovograd region) on July 13, 2021.

The DUCAT-6 disc harrow showed high-speed stubble plowing and uniform soil cultivation. It is worth noting that for a comfortable operation of the unit, you can choose a complete set with any of five options for replaceable rollers: cage roller, packing-tooth roller, double U roller, rubber roller, pack ring roller.

“This is not a common disc harrow. It is a solution to all problems in stubble cultivation,” stressed Alexey Grinenko, chief designer of LOZOVA MACHINERY INNOVATION CENTER, at the event. “Thanks to its design, this disc harrow is able to quickly and efficiently plow stubble to a minimum depth. The working speed can reach 20 km / h, while the quality of the process will remain at the highest level. In addition, the harrow has the lowest fuel consumption in all soil conditions.”

The principle of "ZERO MAINTENANCE" is realized to the maximum in the line of DUCAT harrows.

“We are confident in the maintenance-free HARP AGRO bearing assemblies that we use with our equipment. That is why we are ready to provide our clients with double warranty. LOZOVA MACHINERY's proprietary concept is to eliminate the need for maintenance. We are constantly improving our equipment trying to reduce lubrication points. DUCAT-6 still has lubrication points on the hydraulic cylinder joints. However the model range of a disc harrow with a working width of 8-12 meters is absolutely maintenance-free throughout its entire life cycle,” noted the chief designer.

Also, the visitors had an opportunity to get acquainted with the FRANC-3 subsoiler. The unit guarantees excellent water permeability of the soil after processing. To increase energy efficiency and expand the scope of application, FRANC can be equipped with the HF Agro granular fertilizer application.

Despite the hot weather, the demonstration attracted many participants and visitors. LOZOVA MACHINERY continues their demo show, where they will show the best solutions for the agricultural business.


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