Novelties, updates and modifications of LOZOVA MACHINERY at AGRO-2021

Novelties, updates and modifications of LOZOVA MACHINERY at AGRO-2021


LOZOVA MACHINERY demonstrated the latest technical solutions at the largest agricultural event in Ukraine - the AGRO-2021 exhibition.

Traditionally, LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment attracted special attention of exhibition visitors and agricultural specialists. The brand's exposition included a range of machines that are in demand for field work in the summer-autumn season.

In addition to updates and improvements to the most popular implements that are in great demand among farmers, all kinds of modifications and re-equipment of the entire line of equipment with additional modules have also become a trend.

Commenting on the results of the company's work, Roman Girshfeld, the President of LOZOVA MACHINERY, noted, “The year was successful and productive for us, we achieved excellent financial results and increased sales of equipment. Despite the difficulties associated with the Covid-19 epidemic, we continued to create new products for our customers. Continuous development, search for new engineering solutions, renewal of production - this is the basis of our work!”.


DUCAT short disc harrow with a working width of 8 meters is the premiere of the new LOZOVA MACHINERY, which took place at the exhibition. Today the unit has become the flagship of the disc harrow line. The proprietary principle of "ZERO SERVICE" is fully implemented in DUCAT. The unit has no lubrication points (including the joints of the hydraulic cylinders) and does not require maintenance throughout its entire life cycle. It should be noted that LOZOVA MACHINERY is the only manufacturer in Ukraine that produces tillage implements of this working width that do not require maintenance.


DUCAT-8 has proven itself excellently, having passed serious field tests in Ukrainian farms. The implements can be optionally equipped with a mini-seeder for applying micronutrient fertilizers and sowing siderates of the German brand LEHNER (dealer - HF Agro), and can also be equipped with one of five variants of removable rollers.


Having passed the test drive, the machine is already working in full force on the Ukrainian fields. Optimum working and transport width, ease of adjusting the depth of the rollers, the principle of "ZERO SERVICE", fully implemented in the harrow, make this model a desirable acquisition among farmers.

“Looking at this machine, you can easily understand what you are paying for. It is clear that DUCAT is powerful and will work for a long time and without problems, - says Petr Zagoruiko from the Kirovograd region. - I saw the results of DUCAT's work at my neighbor's field, the quality is just excellent!”.

The additional equipment makes the SANTIM inter-row cultivator stand out. Capable of effectively killing weeds without herbicides, it can also be equipped with HF Agro's liquid fertilizing equipment. The machine works wonderfully on very wet soil without sticking, easily coping with row spacing of row crops and vegetables from 30 to 75 cm.


For more than five years, the FRANC subsoiler has been at the forefront of its segment. The high agrotechnical effect of the tool is confirmed by representatives of numerous agricultural enterprises and universities (which have carried out special long-term research). They note a 75% increase in soil permeability, as well as excellent breathability and a significant increase in soil yield. At the exposition, visitors saw FRANC-3 with a granular fertilizer application system also produced by HF Agro.


“I want to note that I checked the result of loosening with FRANC on my fields. I am very pleased with its work. The ground is fluffy after one passage. We use it with a fertilizer barrel, it is convenient. I don't like to praise, but want to say thank you for this subsoiler! Write my speech down exactly as I said , don't change a word, - says Serhiy Kovalenko (Kharkiv region).

The LIRA XL heavy tooth harrow demonstrates an unambiguously high standard of soil cultivation. Thanks to its multifunctionality, unpretentiousness and ease of use, the machine has become classics of harrowing. This unit has a lot of unique advantages, among them there are more than five operations in one pass, a special design of working sections that allows you to work even on uneven fields and slopes, wear-resistant teeth, a unified frame, due to which the unit can be converted into a LARI trail harrow (as a result, farmers save money by getting two tools for the price of almost one).


The aggregates presented at the exhibition are distinguished by their verified design and testing by practice on the Ukrainian fields. But not only in Ukrainian, every year the company increases its presence in the export markets in the EU and Canada, receiving positive feedback and new applications from farmers.

According to Roman Girshfeld, an important event for the company was also the creation of an innovation center - LOZOVA MACHINERY INNOVATION CENTER. “For even more efficient machine development, we created LOZOVA MACHINERY INNOVATION CENTER, shifting the focus from axle and cardan design to tillage technology. Today, the powerful design potential of LMIC allows us to focus on the development and testing of highly efficient and innovative agricultural implements. And the result will not be long in coming, very soon we will show the newest units - our reversible plow and applicator-injection feeder, we will show implements with vertical and ultra-surface tillage and the newest sprayers”.


LOZOVA MACHINERY is pleased to inform its customers, partners and buyers that the company will continue its participation in industry exhibitions, forums, field demonstrations and other activities that will be available in 2021.

The company also invites both participants and visitors to its corporate event - "LOZOVA MACHINERY FIELD DAY", which will be held on August 5 near Lozova in the Kharkiv region. Learn more about Field Day at
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