DUCAT disc harrows on the Canadian market

DUCAT disc harrows on the Canadian market

DUCAT in Canada

The demand for DUCAT disc harrows is constantly growing from season to season, according to representatives of the official distributor of LOZOVA MACHINERY in Canada - Higginson Farm Equipment.

First of all, this popularity is due to the high quality of equipment assembly and excellent results of tillage, which, combined with high speed of work and maintenance-free units, ensured a steady demand.

Farmers are also impressed with DUCAT's ability to work in any field conditions, freely overcome dry soils, cope equally well with stony and viscous soil, as well as with a large amount of organic residues.

Canadian farmers are happy to share their positive experience of using DUCATs, calling them as elite machines.

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“We were pleasantly impressed by the results of the tillage of our new DUCAT with a working width of 5 meters. It easily walked on clay soil, precisely maintaining the depth we needed. And last but not least, it's great service support, said Yvon and Guy Proulx, owners of Prouline Farms from Cumberland, Ontario. The perfect work of the DUCAT was also facilitated by the correct setting of the implement, carried out by the specialists of Higginson Farm Equipment.

Timothy and Marcel Heyligen, the owners of FERME HEYLIGEN INC from Notre Dame de Stanbridge in the province of Quebec, also chose DUCATs. They were attracted by the strength and simplicity of the design, the presence of sealed maintenance-free HARP-AGRO bearing units, which significantly reduce the need for maintenance, as well as the cost, which is much lower than brand analogs. “It was a pleasure to see the degree of stubble cultivation and the depth of the seedbed in just one pass. In one day, we covered a large area, more than usual, this significantly saved time and fuel. After a season of working with this machine, we still did not encounter any deterioration in the quality of soil cultivation or replacement of parts”, the farmers share.

The cold climate, high rainfall and late start of the agricultural season are not at all a hindrance for DUCAT. Thanks to a number of interesting and original design solutions, the units are successfully used by Canadian farmers in both classical and organic farming.

Functional and productive implements are available in a variety of configurations and can be equipped with any of five types of removable rollers. And from this year, the machine can be equipped with an additional module for applying granular fertilizers, as well as used for overseeding (for example, green manure) in one pass with the main processing.

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Trevor and Allen Cunning, founders of Starhill Farms in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, emphasized that DUCAT-8 is a great addition to their fleet of high-end technology. "This machine quickly and efficiently processes our farmland when paired with the CASE Magnum 245".

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Allan Simpson, a farmer from Vankleek Hill in Ontario, is also pleased with his DUCAT. He was the first to buy DUCAT-6 in the area. "I have worked large areas of all types with the help of DUCAT and I am very pleased with the results".

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For Andre Ouimet, Ouimet Farms Adventure (Vankleek Hill, Ontario), it is important that DUCAT handles crop residues seamlessly and leaves an even seedbed with optimal soil structure. Andre speaks very well of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment and recommends the brand to his colleagues. “My DUCAT-4 is a great unit at a great price and with great service! I am extremely pleased with how the machine quickly handles a large number of corn stalks".

LOZOVA MACHINERY continues to expand their order book and conquer new Canadian regions. The entire product line of the company is to the choice of local farmers. LOZOVA MACHINERY dispelled all myths and stereotypes and once again proved that Ukrainian equipment can be in demand, of high quality, reliable and recognizable not only at home, but also abroad.

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“We are proud to be chosen, trusted and counted on by farmers in a market as vast and diverse as Canada, one of the world's largest food exporters. And I am especially glad to note that today LOZOVA MACHINERY competes on an equal footing with the world's leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery in the international arena”.  - stressed Roman Girshfeld, the President of LOZOVA MACHINERY.
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