SPRAYMARC is created for gentle care of each sprout

SPRAYMARC is created for gentle care of each sprout


Summer is coming and it's time to think about plants protection. LOZOVA MACHINERY offers a great solution. It is ultra-precise trailed sprayer SPRAYMARC-3000.

Not so long ago, Ukrainian farmers discovered these machines and have already highly appreciated their combination of high-quality processing, productivity and versatility.

With a variety of options, SPRAYMARC is maximally adapted to the individual needs of Ukrainian farms and local farming conditions.

Fast, manoeuvrable and lightweight with 24 meters wide aluminum booms and 3000 liter tank, it simply surprises with efficiency and ease of use.

The SPRAYMARC perfectly follows the contours of the field and maintains a stable boom position with a precisely maintained distance to the surface.

Excellent stability of the machine, both with a full tank and with an empty tank, especially when working on uneven fields and slopes, is provided by a lightweight aluminum boom, which is also resistant to aggressive solutions and to rust.

The infinitely variable axle adjustment allows farmers to process row spacings from 1.5 to 2.2 meters. And even high crops are no obstacle for the SPRAYMARC, which has a ground clearance of 700 mm and a wide range of boom level adjustment.

The innovative anti-surge tank design makes it much easier to clean and promotes fast mixing of the contents. The tank is also equipped with drain trays, a high capacity pump and a large capacity filtration system.

By the way, SPRAYMARC is equipped with an automatic control system for sprayers with GPS-navigator (Bravo, the Italian company ARAG), so that uniformity, the required dosage and concentration of the sprayed substances are guaranteed.

LOZOVA MACHINERY sprayers take care of tomorrow's harvest today.

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