Effective HARP solutions for any type of equipment

Effective HARP solutions for any type of equipment

The application of bearings

Kharkiv Bearing Plant (HARP) has updated recommendations on the application of bearings with X-SHIELD multi-lip seals.

Any industrial sector, including mechanical engineering, railway and agricultural sectors, requires fast and cost-effective solutions. Consumers today are interested in how to minimize costs and reduce downtime of equipment, especially during the season.

HARP specialists have created a series of standard and special bearings and bearing units that reduce operating costs, downtime of machines and units that occur for technical and organizational reasons, and increase the productivity of equipment and enterprises.

Application of HARP bearings also minimizes the risk of unplanned downtime and optimizes the workload of service teams.

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The company's product range includes ball bearings with X-SHIELD high-tightness seals for extreme operating conditions. They perfectly cope with the load at all stages of tillage in different types of equipment. Depending on this, the following applications of HARP bearings are recommended:

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The HARP range also includes unique maintenance-free bearings that eliminate maintenance and reduce the human factor during the entire product life cycle. This is achieved through the use of high-quality materials only from trusted suppliers, as well as the use of improved lubricants, strong multi-edge seals and high-tech engineering developments.

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