LOZOVA MACHINERY started field tests of a new machine

LOZOVA MACHINERY started field tests of a new machine

Test Drive

In March, at the facilities of the Nikolaev National Agrarian University, LOZOVA MACHINERY started field tests of a new unit - DUCAT UVT disc harrow. The new machine is specially designed for vertical stubble cultivation using minimum technology verti-till. The main task of the implement is ultra-shallow stubble cultivation in order to cover moisture and provoke fallen seed growth and pre-sowing preparation for sowing winter crops.

The machine is based on the classic DUCAT disc harrow. The frame design is fully adapted to the new working bodies - discs with a wavy structure. The implement is equipped with two rows of such aggressive discs. Optionally, a slatted chopping roller with diagonally mounted blades on a leaf spring suspension can be added as a third row.


A certain order of installation of working bodies located at a distance of 100 mm from each other prevents them from clogging. The working depth of DUCAT UVT is 2-10 cm. The working width is 6.6 meters. The spacing of the discs is 100 mm.

The bearing units of the DUCAT UVT discs and rollers are completely maintenance-free as well as the entire line of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment.

During the tests, the harrow has shown excellent results. Despite the difficult agricultural background, which was characterized by a wet, viscous structure of the meadow with a difficult topography, the unit passed over the stubble, showing a high quality of processing. In addition to moist soil, DUCAT UVT also copes well with dry soils and, if necessary, can easily provide minimum tillage depths.


The tests are continuing and will last throughout the summer, including post-harvest period.

Given the increased need for a sparing and more careful attitude to fertile soils, the relevance of verti-till has only grown in recent years. The technology is aimed at preserving the natural potential of the soil, improving its water and air permeability, increasing productivity. The right choice of aggregates, such as DUCAT UVT, can solve the problems of reduced fertility and soil degradation.

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