LOZOVA MACHINERY and SNAU launched an innovative project

LOZOVA MACHINERY and SNAU launched an innovative project

The virtual reality

This spring, LOZOVA MACHINERY and Sumy National Agrarian University (SNAU) have launched a new project.

The laboratory base of the university was enriched with virtual models of LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage equipment. 

Now students are able to study, model and assemble the mechanisms of any unit, as well as get to know more about the features of their designs.

The first unit to study was FRANC subsoiler working stand equipped with HARD-SHELL quick-change carbide tips.


According to the chief designer of the company, Alexey Grinenko, such creative solutions will help future specialists in the agricultural industry learn more about modern technology, better understand the principle of machines operation and prepare for their correct use in real field conditions.

After successful testing of the digital format, virtual reality will now be widely used in SNAU as well as the traditional way of teaching.

With the help of virtual reality, students will continue to study and master the production technology of the entire line of LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment.

The joint educational project is being implemented within the framework of the long-term partnership between SNAU and LOZOVA MACHINERY.

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