DUCAT disc harrows are relevant in spring

DUCAT disc harrows are relevant in spring

Disc harrows

Spring is in full swing and LOZOVA MACHINERY reminds farmers of the effectiveness of DUCAT short disc harrows line which is perfect for spring work. DUCAT short disc harrows have already been successfully working in the fields of Ukraine and other countries for more than 10 years.

Thanks to the unique engineering inventions at DUCAT, the field of application of short disc harrows in agricultural production is significantly expanding. Moreover, their annual load and economic efficiency are increasing. LOZOVA MACHINERY disc harrows are versatile and have a very wide range of applications. So DUCAT makes high-quality pre-sowing soil preparation and quickly prepares any soil for sowing various crops.


Expert opinion

Eduard Chudopalov, Sales Director of LOZOVA MACHINERY, notes that along with tooth harrows, DUCAT short disc harrows show excellent results in spring. “Many people mistakenly think that disc harrows are relevant only in summer and autumn, but this is not so. The machines are successfully used for pre-sowing preparation; the units perform high-quality mulching and leveling of the field. DUCATs perfectly work with any agricultural background, well copying and repeating the relief of the field".

Agro-expert Viktor Kukharchuk shares the same opinion. He believes that DUCAT is the best stubble plowing machine that works perfectly both in spring and autumn.

DUCAT is also widely used during a spring in Canada. According to the reviews of Canadian farmers, the unit perfectly conducts pre-sowing preparation. “It was nice to see the level of stubble cultivation and the depth of the seedbed in just one pass. A large area, more than usual, was cultivated in a day.  It significantly saved time and fuel”, say Timothy and Marcel Heiligen from Canada (Quebec).


High performance is another distinguishing feature of the units. The units create a perfectly even seedbed with an optimal soil structure even working at high speed (up to 17 km / h) and with low fuel consumption (4.5-5.5 l / ha). For even better work, farmers can choose a roller for their agricultural tasks. Today, there are five types of rollers available: cage roller, packing tooth roller, double U roller, rubber roller and pack ring roller.

In addition to spring work, DUCAT is the most suitable machine for closing moisture immediately after harvesting and working with combines. Considering the fact of extreme droughts that have been established in Ukraine in recent years, this significantly increases the demand for our harrows.


LOZOVA MACHINERY also offers farmers the opportunity to install HF Agro mini-seeders on any DUCAT for fertilizing and overseeding (for example, green manure).


Every year DUCATs are improved and updated both technically and functionally. In addition to the updated design, the company continues to modernize the implements, introducing the proprietary ZERO MAINTANENCE concept in each unit. This summer, models with a working width of 9 and 12 meters will be updated. Also, a new product will soon enter the market. It is a foldable 4-meter disc harrow. The new design will significantly facilitate the transport of the implement.


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