TBU 1520


TBU-1520 energy efficient bearing unit refers to the new line of products, and unlike other well-known cartridge bearing units, was originally designed and optimized for the operating conditions of "1520 Space" (including low-temperature resistance down to -60 ° C).

TBU-1520 is designed for installation in the axle boxes/with adapters of freight cars with axle load of 23,5 - 25 ton-force and over, and pedestal opening of 260 mm, as well as in the axle boxes of passenger cars.

This is a double-row cartridge bearing with tapered rollers, adjusted by clearances and lubricated with Klüberpleх BEM 41-141 HARP grease. The bearing has built-in seals, preventing penetration of water, dust, dirt, etc. into the bearing. All bearing surfaces are protected by a layer of phosphate coating, preventing them from corrosion damage.

Innovative solutions for TBU 1520

  • Development of special greases and high-performance cartridge seal systems
  • Formation of the optimal structure of material, which is variable by part’s volume (achieved by special technology of heat treatment of the bearing parts);
  • Protection of all bearing surfaces by a layer of phosphate coating, preventing them from corrosion damage

Key features of the developments:

Mathematical model, which has been used for optimal designing of CRU Duplex and TBU 1520, is unique by its completeness. The model contains up to 10 mil. of three-dimensional elements, where 1 mil. is boundary.

Along with joint nonlinear contact deformation of inner and outer rings with two roller rows of the bearing unit, it is taken into account the deformation of bearing unit with axle box or adapter, through the structure of the side frame – with all the bogie elements, with axle and wheel set, including "wheel – rail" contact.

Operating conditions "1520 Space" rolling stock significantly differs from those, for which developments of "cartridge" bearings were conducted by the world leading bearing companies (higher range of temperatures, load, etc.)


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