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Kharkov Bearing Plant HARP (formerly GPZ-8, now JSC HARP) has been manufacturing bearings since 1946. Specialists in turning, grinding and tool works arrived from Moscow, Kuybyshev and Saratov to build new plant. The most modern materials and technical solutions were used that time, thus HARP inherited the best manufacturing traditions.

In 1966 the plant was awarded with the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for the development of new products and for outstanding achievements. Since 1980s the plant has became a national leader in the supply of railway car bearings. At the beginning of 2000s the plant was reequipped and modernized (in the framework of the largest investment project in Kharkov region).

Today Kharkov Bearing Plant is a modern complex of manufacturing facilities, which is situated on the territory of 450 000 sqm. Highly qualified technical specialists and professional managers work at the plant. The plant manufactures over 500 types of certified bearings with outer diameter from 30 to 400 mm.

HARP bearings are
— bearings with high accuracy level and minimize noise and vibration level;
— HARP AGRO bearings with sealings of increased tightness (X-Shield);
— HARP AUTO bearings with increased service life;
— HARP AGRO UNIT superreliable maintenance-free bearing units;
— unique railway bearings CRU-Duplex and bearing units TBU 1520.

All bearings undergo a full complex of quality control, which includes the control of 50 parameters: all materials, whether it is any chemical for cooling and cleaning solutions or metal and armamide, are controlled and tested. Products correspond to international standard ISO 492 and interstate standard of CIS GOST 520. The Quality Management System corresponds to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008.


  • Application of effective seals, including seals with increased tightness X-SHIELD
  • High accuracy of the bearing working surfaces, as a result noise and vibration are reduced.
  • Improved bearing steel. Only ultra-pure steel with a reduced proportion of oxygen is used for HARP ball bearings. This improved steel increases durability of the bearing and reduces fatigue failures.
  • Optimized radius of the bearing races, that allows to increase the dynamic load capacity of bearings and, consequently, their durability.
  • Superfinishing surface treatment. HARP ball bearings pass superfinishing machining of all working surfaces, which reduces bearings heat, improves noise and vibroacoustc performances, and increases their durability.
  • Improved ball. In HARP bearings there are used balls with a high degree of accuracy (accuracy of 5-16 degrees) to ensure noise and vibroacoustc characteristics, to increase durability.
  • Improved roller. In HARP roller bearings it is applied the roller with modified contact, which improves bearing performance.
  • Optimized cage. Application of massive polyamide and brass cages in the bearings allows minimizing of noise and vibration, increasing bearing speed capability.

Kharkov Bearing Plant (HARP):

includes Ukrainian Bearing Industry Design and Technology Bureau (UKTBPP), which specializes on the design of rolling bearings and equipment for their manufacturing has the largest park of CNC-machines in Ukraine

has the largest park of CNC-machines in Ukraine

has a full technological circle of manufacturing ball and roller bearings

  • +38 (057) 711-60-10
  • +38 (057) 710-11-46

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