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Well centrifugal electric pumps (BCPP series)

Water supply of a private house is reliable and comfortable with modern technologies. Own independent water supply allows uninterrupted receiving of quality water at any time of the year. However, the quality of the pump largely depends on operating costs, as well as the risk of equipment failure, which temporarily deprives your access to water and can lead to costly repairs or even the need for a complete pump replacement, when it comes to imported models, which work effectively, but vulnerable in conditions of domestic power grids and little repairable. 

That is why the HELZ plant and the UPEC Industrial Group offer modern, energy efficient CAPTAIN well pumps.

This is a new model, incorporating the best of the pumps of the BCPP series, proven for decades. CAPTAIN pumps combine the European quality, increased reliability and significantly lower price.

Advantages of CAPTAIN well pumps:

  • A reliable motor developed and manufactured of the HELZ. Qualitative components.
  • Integrated protection from overvoltage and decreasing of voltage.
  • Service life is 15% longer than analogues.
  • The motor is reliably protected from leaks by a modern graphite-ceramic seal and prevents oil from entering the water.
  • Integrated non-return valve reduces filling time of the pipeline and eliminates water hammer.
  • The blades are made of durable wear-resistant material, as well as the pump housing and the water intake grid are made of stainless steel.


The suppliers of materials and parts go through strict certification. Only reliable, tried and tested design materials are used.

All pumps go through the complex of acceptance electric and hydraulic testing in the modern testing center of the Special Design Bureau.

The final acceptance is performed by the external contractor.


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