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CRU Duplex is doubled roller bearing (Н6-882726Е2К1МУС44), designed for installation in axle boxes of freight cars with axle load of 23,5 ton-force and passenger cars with axle load of 18,0 ton-force.

CRU Duplex has incorporated decades of experience, innovative solutions and advanced technologies in the field of design, mathematical modeling, metal treatment and other. Development and implementation of cylindrical cartridge bearing CRU Duplex put the company in one line with global bearing industry leaders.

CRU Duplex is designed in accordance with the specific operation conditions of “1520 Space”, which are very different from European by wide range of temperature conditions and higher axle loads due to the turns, slopes, lifts and other features of the railways. Consideration of such conditions at the development and design stage is one of the major competitive advantages of CRU Duplex.

Application of CRU Duplex unit allows increasing energy efficiency of axle box in comparison with conventional cylindrical bearings CRB by 1,8% ÷ 2.2% due to reduce of friction losses. Comparing with tapered roller cartridge bearings (TBU), the energy efficiency of CRU Duplex is more than 5% higher, wherein CRU Duplex is 40% cheaper.

There are stricter requirements (letter «Y») for surface machining and special heat treatment of materials.


  • Micro geometry of rollers and bearing rings is distinguished by specially optimized profiles. Together with Klüber Lubrication (Freudenberg Group), Germany, there was developed the unique Klüberplex BEM 41-132 HARP grease for CRU Duplex unit, which has a record high performance at low temperatures (-60°C) and resistance to wear.
  • CRU Duplex design with flanged rings has also eliminated one of the major axle box disadvantageous features – low reliability of the end connection caused by the presence of thrust ring in the classic design. Dynamic axial force to the end connection is reduced in 4 times.

Results of controlled operation on the Russian Railways network:

In freight cars, which are equipped with CRU Duplex bearings, there was recorded an increase of operational reliability of axle boxes – the number of uncouplings due to axle boxes faults per year in one freight car is 4 times less than in freight cars, which are equipped with conventional cylindrical bearings.


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