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BOATSWAIN pumps are modernized, well known to local customers, electric pumps of BC series (manufactured by the Kharkov Electrical Engineering Plant UKRELECTROMASH (HELZ)). These pumps for their reliability, unpretentiousness and durability can rightfully be called as national pumps.

There are cases of trouble-free operation of the pump for 40 years, during which no repair was required, except replacing of oil seals.

We decided to present the new brand to the market because of the two following reasons:

The first one is the big quantity of fakes of original pumps under the HELZ brand. The problem is that the abbreviation "BC" can not be protected by a patent and many underground companies (including from China) began to produce "clones" of these pumps manufactured by the Kharkiv plant.

Naturally, these fakes were low-quality and often broke, which led to a significant increase in complaints to the company's service center (we draw attention to the fact that falsifications are not covered by the HELZ plant's warranty). By giving the pumps a new name (BOATSWAIN) and presenting protective elements (for example a corporate hologram), we have achieved such goal that the number of counterfeits fakes is decreasing. And yet we ask buyers to be more attentive to the purchased pumps, to require certificates and a corporate guarantee from the seller.

The second reason is that we significantly improved and completed the already high-quality model, made it more modern and energy-efficient:

  • The BOATSWAIN pump has a new stator winding, which has an increased starting torque and a resistance to overheating, which allowed to abandon the big block of starting condensers.
  • The mechanical seal was improved. The use of a new graphite-ceramic seal completely eliminates the possibility of water entering into the pump motor.
  • New pumps are equipped with complex protection against overvoltage and voltage drop.
  • Replacing the pump cap (on a small cap) allowed to reduce its weight by 0.5 kg, and reduce the height by 55 mm. The pump has become more compact, stable and convenient to transport. However, for the adherents of the brand the plant continues to produce pumps also with a large cap.

Today BOATSWAIN pumps, manufactured by the HELZ, are still the most popular among surface irrigation pumps.

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