About Joint Engineering Centre

About Joint Engineering Centre

The Joint Engineering Centre (JEC) was established in 2008 to implement a new strategy of the UPEC Industrial Group, focused on the priority of engineering knowledge, development and manufacture of innovative products with a high level of intellectual component.

The UPEC JEC involved in basic and applied research is a place of the Company’s know-how creation, its intellectual property’s concentration.

The Center is equipped with advanced software systems, knowledge bases, while JEC staff, most of whom are Doctors (Dr.Sc.) and Canditates (PhD) of Science, has unique experience in conducting sophisticated research for aerospace and defense industries, energy and transport engineering, as well as other sectors of the economy. The JEC performs the most complex calculations and analysis, mathematical simulation for all product areas of the Industrial Group, implements the designs into industrial prototypes together with the specialized engineering centers of the UPEC Industrial Group, tests them at the Testing Center and specialized experimental laboratories.

The Joint Engineering Center is headed by Research, Development and Information Technology Director of the UPEC Eduard Simson, Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor, Laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, Corresponding Member of Engineering Academy of Ukraine, Honored Master of Science and Technology of Ukraine, author of over 200 scientific articles and monographs in the field of optimization of complex structures under dynamic loads.

The most important task of JEC is search, study and engineering support of competitive advantages of the Company's products to ensure high performance of technical level, the optimal operating parameters, strength, durability, innovative modes of operation, and so on.

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