The LOZOVA MACHINERY establishes a distribution network in Serbia as a result of participation in the 84th INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR 2017 (May 13-19, Novi Sad, Serbia).

The 84th INTERNATIONAL AGRICULTURAL FAIR was attended by more than 1,500 companies from 60 countries, specializing in agriculture, processing of agricultural products and manufacturing agricultural equipment.

"The Fair program was quite eventful – in addition to demonstration of agricultural machinery, an advertising campaigns, presentations, expert meetings and other business events were organized, allowing us to establish business contacts and negotiate with potential customers. We have negotiated on cooperation with four leading distributors in Serbia: Agromondo, Agroart, ITN Agrotech and Agropanonka, – says Denis Os’kin, Chief Sales Specialist. – For example, representatives of Agromondo were impressed by the high quality of our products and technological solutions realized in working tools, which in turn facilitated an interest in a partnership agreement. At this stage, we are working on logistics".  

Denis Os’kin also notes that Agroart company expressed a great interest to the CHERVONETS seedbed cultivator, the LIRA spring-tooth harrow and the REAL complex for applying liquid mineral fertilizers and protection agents. "The largest distributors ITN Agrotech and Agropanonka have appreciated the quality and advantages of our energy-efficient machinery, and preliminary agreements on further partnership have been reached. And, in order to strengthen cooperation with dealers, we consider the possibility of organizing demonstrations of the machinery work directly in the fields", – adds Chief Sales Specialist.

It is worth noting that the LOZOVA MACHINERY is gaining increasing popularity and demand in the European market. Representatives of the LOZOVA MACHINERY were interviewed by Serbian media, attracted by Kharkiv equipment, and provided information about the brand history, development stages, achievements and advantages.

"Participation in this fair is another step towards conquering the Balkan region market. Business meetings have already been held, and I’m sure that the mutually beneficial contracts will be signed in the nearest future" , – sums up Denis Os’kin..

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