ZLATNIK – no-till seed drill

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• seeding of grain and industrial crops (from poppy to bean);

• seeding under min-till and no-till technologies;

• application of starter fertilizers simultaneously with seeding;

• application of the free running mineral fertilizers.

Seed drill has modular design, consisting of the tank and seeding unit. The tank can be used both individually and together with other seeding units or tillage implements, which are equipped with the seeding units. The seeding unit can be matched with other tanks.


— Divided tank with volume of 2 and 3 m3, which allows applying seeds and fertilizers in various combinations.

— The fluted discs and coulter discs are assembled with super-reliable maintenance-free HARP AGRO UNIT bearing units with extended service life. Multi-level protection, high-quality grease and massive forged housing provide reliability and durability in any operation conditions.

— Pneumatic system for distribution of seeds and fertilizers together with central tank allow significantly reducing of ineffective time for filling of separate tanks, eliminating their unequal filling and, relatively, unequal devastation, as well as reducing time for the tank cleaning after seeding.

— Seeding unit with infinitely variable seed rate provides rapid and precise adjustment of seed rate and/or application of fertilizers without time-consuming changing of the drive sprockets.

— Seeding unit has also micro-seeding feature to seed the small-seeded crops (rape, grass etc.) with seed rate from 2,3 kg/ha.

— Seeding unit driven by the tank transport wheel provides precise synchronizing of the seeding unit rotation speed with the seed drill speed.

— Fan driven by the tractor PTO shaft enables coupling with tractors having no good hydraulic take-off.

— Two semi-frames with working tools are attached to the seeding unit frame wings by means of the pin joints, which allow uniformly distributing of the seeding unit weight between working tools. Such design eliminates imbalance of semi-frames from hydraulic cylinders, which is typical for other gang drills.

— Seed drill is equipped with the brake system, mounted on the tank, for safe transportation and prevention of vehicle accidents.

 — Basic configuration includes a bout marker to help tractor driver orient in the field.

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ZLATNIK is the closest analogue of import machinery by its technical and operation characteristics, but twice cheaper.


Working width, m 6
Tractor power, hp min 160
Coupling with tractor semi-trailed
Basic weight, kg 7080
Number of coulters, pcs 40
Row spacing, cm 15
Volume of two-section tank, m3 5 (3/2)
Seed rate, kg/hа 2,3...508
Seeding depth, cm 3...8
Operating speed, km/h 6...12
Efficiency, ha/h max 6
Fuel consumption, l/ha 6...7,5
Transport dimensions (length x width x height), mm 10570х3355х4055


You can buy LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage equipment from the Agricultural Division of UPEC IG (UPEC TRADING LLC is the authorized distributor), as well as from our Ukrainian and foreign dealers.

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