REAL – unit for spreading of plant protecting agents and liquid mineral fertilizers

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During conventional surface application most of the nutrients evaporate having no positive effect, and additional pass for their incorporation increases fuel and time consumption.

Advantages of the LIRA+REAL complex

In comparison with field sprayers:
  • nutrient loss is reduced due to its simultaneous incorporation;

    operating costs are reduced due to the simultaneous incorporation of fertilizers in one pass.

In comparison with fertilizer spreaders on the base of cultivators:
  • possible work with seeds and early seedling;

    higher productivity.

Working width, m 15  24 
Operating speed, km/h up to 12  up to 12 
Tank volume, m3 2,5 5,0
Efficiency, ha/h up to ⁠18  up to 28.8 
Tractor power, hp 75-90  130...170

How to order
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