POUND – land roller

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The POUND roller performs:

  • crumbling of clods;
  • levelling and compacting the topsoil to the depth up to 10 cm;
  • seedbed rolling (it reduces slipping of the seed drill support-drive wheels, therefore it improves evenness of seeding and regulates seeding depth);
  • post-seeding rolling (it provides water retention, improves contact of seeds with soil leading to earlier and even germination of seeds and increases crop yield).

The POUND-6 roller can be easily folded into operating position and backwards by means of hydraulic system. There is no necessity for an operator to leave the tractor cab. Transport stopper provides required safety when riding on the public roads.

The roller design provides the possibility of transversal ground following due to the pin-joint coupling of three two-meter sections. Wherein the load on entire working width keeps even.

Staggered sections exclude uncultivated soil areas, ensuring an outstanding quality.

Additional working tools in front of main tools level and loose the soil and designed as S-shape spring, providing chisel-like moves and outstanding work quality. 

Levelling bars mounted can be combined together, which allows to obtain even surface and work with heavy soils.

The height and angle of levelling bars can be adjusted in order to choose optimal position when working with different soil types.

Working width, m
Operating speed, km/h
до 12 
Efficiency, ha/h
до 7,2
Weight without loosening and levelling bars, kg
Weight with loosening and levelling bars, kg  3880 
Tractor power, hp



You can buy LOZOVA MACHINERY tillage equipment from the Agricultural Division of UPEC IG (UPEC TRADING LLC is the authorized distributor), as well as from our Ukrainian and foreign dealers.

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