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The owners of modern agricultural enterprises prefer efficient, reliable equipment with high performance and low fuel consumption. Machines that do not demand frequent and expensive repairs. Farmers believe that the high quality equipments is already a half of a success in agribusiness. Thus they choose LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment.

For more than 20 years LOZOVA MACHINERY agricultural machinery has been successfully working in fields around the world. The company successfully competes with the world's best manufacturers in the Ukrainian market.

The chief designer of LOZOVA MACHINERY Alexey Grinenko notes that agrarians value in the equipment’s maximum productivity, reliability, efficiency and, most importantly, the absence of operating costs for maintenance. “LOZOVA MACHINERY is an affordable equipment on the European level. The most popular implements are DUCAT disc harrows, which have already become our trademark, and LARI drag harrows, which have taken leading positions in their segment in Ukraine. Our subsoilers are also in heavy demand. We follow global trends. We are attentive to the requests of our customers and can offer various options for equipment for any soil and climatic regions.”


DUCAT compact disc harrows have long won the position of the most popular units. Their high productivity and unparalleled quality of soil cultivation are confirmed by VITAGRO company that has LARI drag harrows in their fields. “The machines proved to be worthy in their work. We like the high quality and speed of tillage in DUCATS, as well as good maneuverability and a uniform agricultural background, which remains after the passage of the harrows.”

Vasily Gerashchenko, the owner of a farm in the Kherson region, agrees with them. He has drag harrows and rotary harrows in addition to DUCAT in his fields for many years. “I like the accuracy and uniformity of DUCAT processing. This machine performs high-quality mulching. I know that the soil surface will always be covered, the crop residues are mixed and the field is ready for sowing.”

The farmer from an agricultural enterprise in Poltava region Alexander Sushko shares his opinion about DUCAT. “It has good speed of work. The fuel consumption is much lower than American or European ones. No hassle with settings and adjustments. The presence of a spring tine and maintenance-free bearing units were a decisive factor for him to purchase the equipment".


The UPI-Agro holding is only planning to purchase DUCAT. LARI drag harrows have been already successfully used in the fields of the agricultural company. The chief engineer of the company Ivan Khoroshaylo is satisfied with LARI’s work and functionality. “The great advantage of the tools is the quality. This is a great alternative to foreign counterparts. Now we are thinking about purchasing DUCAT disc harrows.”


LARI drag harrows are among the headliners of LOZOVA MACHINERY. The units are purchased both by large agricultural holdings and small farms.

Agroprosperis Group is also satisfied with LARI’s work. The representatives of the agricultural company said that LARI is practically not susceptible to wet soil and perfectly perform the harrowing function. “It crushes even large lumps of soil covering the unevenness of the field. The machine always leaves a uniform surface with an even structure and ensures reliable seeding.”


Such agricultural enterprises as VITAGRO, Acris Agro, Agrain, Horse and Agrarian Systems are also among the companies that have chosen LARI. Farmers highly appreciated the ease and simplicity of settings, reliability and high productivity combined with low fuel consumption (2-3 l/ha).

The popular line of LOZOVA MACHINERY subsoilers guarantees healthy soil and high crop yields.

LOZOVA MACHINERY sales director Eduard Chudopalov believes that the future in Ukrainian agribusiness belongs to multifunctional units that can perform several important operations in one pass. “They reduce the time of work and soil damage. For example, our subsoilers GULDEN and FRANC can simultaneously carry out deep loosening, surface mulching and application of liquid and granular fertilizers. After cultivating the field, the water penetration of the soil doubles. It leads to improving the biological quality of the soil that contributes to fertility and healthy crops.”


Farmers note that subsoilers have a lot of advantages, for example spring protection, working bodies with wear-resistant tips HARD-SHELL, the principle of "ZERO MAINTENANCE" in bearings and units that do not require lubrication. A special advantage is the system for applying the granulated fertilizers, which FRANC is equipped with.

Today, farmers are mindful of their investments in budgeting. A difficult agricultural year, warm winter, cool spring, floods, extreme droughts in some places made the crops unstable. However, this did not affect the choice of the largest farms, many of which had already planned to purchase LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment by the spring season.

The prompt and high-quality work of the company's service department is one more advantage in addition to high-quality processing, fuel economy, minimization of downtime and repair costs, versatility and high productivity of the equipment.

It is important that all LOZOVA MACHINERY equipment participates in the state compensation program. The company also offers many different leasing and credit programs.
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