LOZOVA MACHINERY: it's time to prepare machinery for fall

LOZOVA MACHINERY: it's time to prepare machinery for fall

Machinery for fall

LOZOVA MACHINERY helps farmers to prepare effectively and on time for the upcoming agricultural season. The fleet of machinery should be updated in advance by the hot fall season.

For the fall field works, Ukrainian and European farms choose and successfully use heavy disc harrows DUCAT GOLD.

The harrow is designed to work on the remains of large-stemmed crops, such as corn and sunflower. In just one pass, the tool quickly and efficiently performs pre-sowing preparation of the soil, even on an untilled field without clogging the working tools. And excellent field contours following ensures even processing on difficult terrain.

фото Воронкин.JPGAndrey Voronkin, the owner of the agricultural company "Kolos" in the Bliznyukovsky district of the Kharkiv region confirms high productivity of the harrow. DUCAT GOLD with working width of 6 meters was used in his farm for preparing field for sunflower sowing.

"We have assured of the effectiveness of using a heavy disc harrow. We were satisfied with the excellent results, as the unit levels the field well and quickly destroys all crop residues, mixing them with the soil. The harrow worked without any problems, we are absolutely satisfied that it requires minimal maintenance. This fall, we will use only DUCAT GOLD".

Positive reviews are shared by other farmers who used DUCAT GOLD to work on stubble after harvesting grain and corn. They note the functionality and high productivity of the harrow (fuel consumption is about 5-7,5 l/ha), as well as excellent quality of soil treatment on dense, sandy and waterlogged soils.

Discs of increased diameter (724 mm) allow the tool to work to a depth of 20 cm, withstanding a load of 260 kg. And the X-shape discs arrangement completely eliminates the lateral withdrawal of the unit when working at a great depth. Bearing units, working tools and hinges of the DUCAT GOLD-6 frame do not contain lubrication points, and the tool requires almost no maintenance. For the convenience of farmers, the unit can be equipped with five types of rollers for different soils.

In the conditions of annual growth of acreage with row crops, heavy disc harrows are becoming more and more relevant among farmers.
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