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In May, 2018 the two-axle dump semi-trailer ALBION-26 from LOZOVA MACHINERY was purchased by the leading player on the Ukrainian agricultural market – a group of companies PJSC MIRONIVSKY HLIBOPRODUCT (MHP). The trailer will be used by PJSC AGROFORT, a member of MHP.

The innovative and energy-efficient trailer was developed within the joint production of LOZOVA MACHINERY and British company Larrington Trailers.  

"ALBION-26 is an optimal choice and reliable solution for agriculture. – says Aleksey Grynenko, Head Designer of Ukrainian Design Bureau of Transmissions and Chassis (UKBTSh). – Efficient, mobile, multifunctional semi-trailer can transport various products – grain crops, root crops, ensilage, crushed stone”. The trailer volume is 26 m3, load capacity is18 t, and for more dense loads –24 t.  

ALBION-26 is manufactured on the basis of the British original technologies which are used for more than a half of a century, and it has unique features. 

The trailer is equipped with a durable frame with the all-metal body on it, which is made of the wear-resistant steel alloy. It has flotation tires, which combine the advantages of agricultural and freight tires They uniformly distribute the pressure on the soil, preventing the overcompacting. In addition, the machinery with such tires is easily driven on the public roads.      

According to Andrey Vorobchak, Head Designer of PJSC AGROFORT, ALBION-26 will be used in the nearest future. The unified semi-trailer, corresponding to the highest quality and safety requirements, will solve the logistics issues in agro holding. The trailer will cope with the big volume of works. It will be used for the fodder conservation, silage transportation, grain and oil crops transportation, as well as for other agricultural operations. 

Everyone is convinced of the reliability and worthy quality of LOZOVA MACHINERY implements. Previously the holding group purchased two LIRA-15 hydraulic spring tooth harrows – a classic of harrowing, well-recommended on the Ukrainian and foreign markets. “The harrows work very well. We are satisfied with work and confident in LOZOVA MACHINERY products”, – points out Andrey Vorobchak.


ALBION-26 will be available with the additional options set soon, – announces Roman Girshfeld, Vice President Sales and Marketing of UPEC IG. – One of them is a delivery screw conveyor, which will allow to use it as a dump trailer and as a powerful loader, being able to unload 20 t of freights for 2,5 minutes”.   

Roman Girshfeld also informed that since 2018 ALBION-26 along with another 36 pcs. implements of LOZOVA MACHINERY participates in the 25% compensation program for agricultural machinery with localization level of more than 60%.

“We analyze the customers’ demands and ready to offer the farmers the innovative, energy-saving and comfort machinery for logistic and transportations, and also tillage and seeding implements”, – pointed out Vice President of UPEC IG.

Roman Girshfeld reminded that first ALBION-26 trailers were manufactured in October, 2017 and became the debuts in the English line of the Ukrainian brand. 
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